Best of 2014: Albums

And finally the last post related to music from last year. This time it will be about albums. I think I heard fewer albums (or they only released less than last year) because this time the list is smaller, so this time it will be a top 3. Also, if you want to check the other posts, here they are:

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Best of 2014 – Best Singles

This is the final part of the post related to singles which focuses on the categories:

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Best of 2014 – Singles (A-Sides)

This is the 2nd part of the post which focuses on the singles:

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Best of 2014 : Singles (B-Sides)

I think that I had less singles to review than last year. Maybe or maybe not. What we have here is the first post for the best of last year (because we all know posting until next year the best of last year is the new trend).

So first will be the singles which consists in:

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