FictionJunction – elemental



  1. elemental
  2. storytelling
  3. Hitorigoto
  4. Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora
  5. Hitomi no Chikara
  6. storm
  7. eternal blue
  8. stone cold
  9. Nohara
  10. Parallel Hearts
  11. Gaika
  12. Yakusoku
  13. Distance


This sounds so tribal at first and wow I wasn’t expected for beginning (Alex mentions that is an Oud, I’ll check at the book inside the Cd to confirm this). Kaori and Keiko are the ones that start the song, with their vocals then they are later backed up with some electrical guitars. The sounds just becomes epic as the strings join and more vocals are involved in it. This sounds so different from Kajiura, I mean this is something I wasn’t really expecting and really is incredible thanks to the change with verses, during the verses and in the chorus. Kaori was the right choice to sing this and being backed up by Keiko was cool. This song brings some elements Kajiura has already used like in Te to te to me to me, and Magia, but brought in a different level and I was really blown away with this song, so unexpected but so amazing.


With storytelling with start some rocking and again we have Kaori singing at first and she sounds so good and as we already know she normally sings the verses in most of Kajiura songs. The sounds keep with the same sound for the guitar, but what change is the drums and some vocals joining Kaori in certain parts. The song brings more power into it for some lines and that’s where the chanting begins and I’m really loving that part.  We return to same sound for the verses but with more predominance of electric guitar. But the way the song flows reminds me of other song, and this only happens in some verse. The song doesn’t really capture my attention as easily as elemental because the arrange wasn’t changing that much and the best part was the chanting (not Kajiurago, strange D:) and the parts where I could hear Keiko hahahaha. This is an ok song. Continue reading