Saori Hayami – Yasashii Kibou

yasashii kibou

  1. Yasashii Kibou (やさしい希望)
  2. Blue Hour ni Inori wo (ブルーアワーに祈りを)
  3. Bright Hopes
  4. Yasashii Kibou (やさしい希望) -TV Size-
  5. Yasashii Kibou (やさしい希望) [Instrumental]
  6. Blue Hour ni Inori wo (ブルーアワーに祈りを)  [Instrumental]

Yasashii Kibou (やさしい希望)

Beginning with her debut song. I’m really glad that it mixes well the arrangement with her marvelous voice. The acoustic guitar was a great choice to mix in with the anison arrangement, but also I’m surprised that the formula changed and doesn’t sound like typical anison. Those slow parts between verses or before reaching chorus are really cool, and I think were a great option to bring variation to the song. The arrangement sounded so cool and fresh but also Hayamin was perfect as always for me, having those notes that amaze me and make me love her more. So in the end, this is an amazing song and I think my favorite from the anime season.

Blue Hour ni Inori wo (ブルーアワーに祈りを) 

We have a B-side that stands as the opposite by being a ballad. Because I’ve already heard the solo debut concert I was aware how it was. The song is really straightforward with Hayamin and piano mostly but you can notice more stuff behind. But the star was her voice, because she had to be dramatic to bring emotion to the song. And that’s when drums, and strings join as well with more backup vocals; just to show you next the instrumental section. I think this was going to stay as a ballad in terms of simplicity but with some changes really noticeable I think it was different from a usual ballad. So no complaints here.

Bright Hopes

This is just the same version as the A-side but entirely sung in English. Because we had already noticed that she some songs in English it was a obvious choice they were going to give her more songs like that. Now, her English is not that bad (coff coff Kaori Mochida coff coff), but I can’t understand some of the words, so I had to look up for the lyrics, but globally, the english was ok, and gives a different touch to the song, so it’s a good option as well.

Is it worth listening? Yes!! A Good One.

The single was really good in terms of debut, the A-side was a real piece that shows the strength of Hayamin, and with a cool arrangement tied to anime, it will be great to have her more tie-ins. And the B-side as a ballad with some cool changes, it is a great listen as well. And if you want to hear her in English also try Bright Hopes, as it is a good version 🙂


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