Kalafina – One Light

One Light

  1. One Light
  2. Mahiru (真昼)
  3. Samidare ga Sugita Koro ni (五月雨が過ぎた頃に)
  4. One Light -TV Size-

One Light

This is the type of song I was waiting from Kalafina. I was excited since the CM, because it sounded like that rockish Kalafina we haven’t hear often recently. The song sounded like badass, and here the intro works to enter the verses which sounded different (more rocking anison style) and having Hikaru and Keiko at the back. I think it is quite a while since we heard something this epic from the band, but I think a little more of KEIKO could have been even better. The mix in the chorus alternating between Hikaru and Wakana was surpising and refreshing, although the only downside would be the Kajiurago, as I don’t think it was needed. But this easily is the best A-side from the era.

Mahiru (真昼)

Another ballad? Wow, so unusual…Nevertheless, what I can rescue is KEIKO which sounded lovely and the harmonies were lovely, but the arrangement is so simple and forgettable, so I don’t remember much of the song, but at least the vocals were good.

Samidare ga Sugita Koro ni (五月雨が過ぎた頃に)

This is another song I can’t seem to remember, the song is really different for the band, as the pace is constant and relaxing, but seems so unusual from them that I can’t enjoy it much. The arrangement is ok, but nothing exciting as well the harmonies. It seems as a song that could work for another anison artists but here it sounds so weird. I don’t like it that much.

Is it worth listening? Only the A-side

I was expecting a lot from the single thanks to the preview, but at the end the single is nothing exciting except the A-side, as the B-sides are bland and unmemorable. I think in a good day Samidare is a nice listen, but for now I’m not fan of it neither of Mahiru, thankfully their new album is coming up, so that’s good news at least…


Kalafina – ring your bell

ring your bell

  1. ring your bell
  2. Koibito no Mukashigatari no yugure no (こいびとの昔語りの夕暮れの)
  3. ring your bell (in the silence)
  4. ring your bell -TV Size-

ring your bell

I really thought that this was going to be a copy of believe but thankfully this turned out to be a more cheerful song similar to the After Eden era songs, and we can hear Hikaru with her happy tone, and then switching to Wakana. It tries to be similar to previous song, but once the chorus starts everything becomes even better because it brings certain elements that we’ve seen like in misterioso and other songs but done better and I really loved how they sang “ring your bell” line because it sounded so beautiful. So in conclusion, the song is making a mixture of their sounds but in a good way that blends and gives a sense of completeness or end to a series and just amazes me because of those last lines. Really good song. Continue reading

Kalafina – believe


  1. believe
  2. in every nothing
  3. lapis
  4. believe -TV Size-


If I expected something strong from Kalafina was because of the tie-in. I always loved their tie-ins for Type Moon works. But this was the first one I consider normal, even for Kajiura standards this sounded like a copy of her previous song, and what brought variety was the verses which I think were the best part of the song. Just imagine heavenly blue with a little tweaks and you get believe. Still I am able to listen it several times, so something makes it work. Continue reading

Kalafina – believe


  1. believe
  2. in every nothing
  3. lapis
  4. believe – TV Size-


My initial reaction was that it contained a great intro and usual verses from the girls, keeping “to the beginning” vibes and heavenly blue, which may bore some, because it means that it keeps the same sound, and surely is. It was a letdown knowing the full song will be in this way, but good things that I can say is that Keiko was noticeable in some lines, and the intro was cool as well. But in general this was a typical Kalafina song which is similar arrangement, similar structure, nothing outstanding for me. I hope that their A-sides really start to change because two in a row is not good. Still this is better than many songs released in the year, so I assume it’s a good thing (?)

in every nothing Continue reading

Kalafina – heavenly blue

heavenly blue

  1. heavenly blue
  2. heavenly blue ~Instrumental~
  3. heavenly blue ~TV size~

heavenly blue

I was getting cool vibes with the chanting and getting with some badass verses from Hikaru (and Keiko) similar to what we got from Consolation, but quickly transforms into something more like fictionjunction. The chorus has the more meh~ parts maybe because it sounds a lot like to the beginning and that was already a bland song. I think the song saved itself mostly because of the verses, I mean Hikaru is just kicking ass with her part and sounds amazing (and Keiko doing her job as always makes it better). The song uses the typical Kajiura sound and instruments so you won’t find much innovation here, but then again it’s Kalafina, even a song like this is really good. At the end I couldn’t help but smile because I was needing a new Kalafina song.

Is is worth listening? Yes, it’s Kalafina

I was glad I choose getting the song by the The Best “Blue” instead of the single (I got also an amazing booklet and the BD content which is awesome). And there works better because of the collection of songs the album has. But talking about the song, it’s a typical Kajiura song with good vocals, but fails to innovate or impress by being different, because there a lot of songs better from the band. But at the end you will like the song because it’s a good song (There isn’t a bad Kalafina song, maybe snow falling but whatever).

Kalafina – Seventh Heaven

seventh heaven


  1. overture
  2. oblivious
  3. love come down
  4. Natsu no Ringo
  5. fairytale
  6. ARIA
  7. Mata Kaze Ga Tsuyoku Natta
  8. Kizuato
  9. serenato
  10. Ongaku
  11. Ashita no Keshiki
  12. sprinter
  13. Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku
  14. seventh heaven


Just as al fine, this is a beatiful intro, like waves in a calm sound with harp and Wakana heard with some beautiful vocals. Is just so soothing and makes you relax even if it’s so short, but I still think it was the right length and makes the perfect transition for the next song.


The song that started the project for Kalafina and part of the 1st movie of Kara no Kyoukai. When I first heard it I haven’t listened that much of Kajiura so I didn’t know what to expect. The ahhh~ is so beautiful and then followed by a constant beat. This leads next to Wakana singing, she sounds so amazing as always but here there is something different and makes me love her voice more. Now as the electric guitar is joined in certain fragments of the song this makes the song move forward and have more variety. Is it not until the half of the song that we can fully hear Keiko and she sounds great as well, the harmonies are great (Hikaru wasn’t in Kalafina at that time). The arrangement continues the same until the end of the song. I say this was an amazing way to begin Kalafina. Continue reading

Kalafina – Kimi no Gin no Niwa

kimi no gin


  1. Kimi no Gin no Niwa
  2. misterioso
  3. Tsuioku

Kimi no Gin no Niwa

The first one of 3 (Yay!) and trust me I wasn’t expecting this sound for the song considering the art and title. Apparently Kajiura liked so much the accordion that she decided to include it again, I really how the song starts with solos for Wakana and Hikaru (later will be Keiko). The way the violin mixes with the voices is so marvelous and expresses flawlessly.  The song is not so happy as I thought considering the start of the song and then the chorus seems a little more serious which makes me expect more from the song. This really sounds like a mix of several Kalafina tunes, but still differs from all others with the originality of sound. Then the best part starts once Keiko joins with her incredible solo and brings more emotion to the song and epicness. That accordion solo was really great, as it brings memories from the consolation album. What an incredible song, Kajiura did it again.

misterioso Continue reading