Faylan – Yasashisa no Tsubomi

yasashisa no tsubomi

  1. Yasashisa no Tsubomi
  2. Best Fighter

Yasashisa no Tsubomi

To think it will be the first time she’ll release a ballad for A-side, hard to believe but doesn’t mean it won’t work. She already had several ballads were really lovely. But when I heard this one, I wasn’t sure if it would work (oh silly me). The song tries the same ballad style but with a little twist thanks to the instruments used for the song which made it more enjoyable. One thing I really like is the flute, it sounded so cool. Other instruments were the piano and strings, but the strings sounded orchestra-like with those dramatic changes once in a while. I think the song saved itself mostly because of the additions in the arrangement that made it stand out because it was going to be a simple ballad style otherwise (PIANOTE was before so it would be meh~ in that case). Still, this song was enjoyable.

Best Fighter

And we throw away the sentimentality with the B-side which brings us a rock sound, with also more changes than her usual rock sound. I was already fascinated with how the song was going and became even better. The pace was faster than her usual sound, and Faylan did it again as she blend really good with the style and her vocals brought the right energy. I think I haven’t heard something new from Faylan since a long time and made me love something like this from her, but I still think this was an amazing song that made me remember why she excels as those type of songs. Really surprised for this song 🙂

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Faylan – Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana

senjou ni saita


  1. Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana
  2. Tobe Aoi Tori
  3. Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana (off vocal)
  4. Tobe Aoi Tori (off vocal)

Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana

I know it’s weird to review a very old single, but I just remember thanks to post of Moira & Austin when showing their songs. And for Faylan I almost forgot for these 2 (epic and perfect) songs. So the first one strarts with Faylan singing and no instruments, and that is different from her usual sound, but then strings join and give the depressing feeling, and follow her until the song explodes and gives the folk rock epic sound. The verses are so amazing and perfect,  I really love the flow of the song and the constant dramatic changes Faylan gives in certain lines, and then once the chorus enters, it just give more epic addition to the song. I really wish that she tries to reproduce this type of sound in her new singles, because the folkish sound and that shakuhachi (thanks to post of Solarblade) was good. So yes, this was an impressive song from Faylan. Continue reading






The intro for the song makes me excited for what’s to come as it sounds so different from the usual Faylan, which more synths combined with the guitars, but once the usual comes, it sounds more epic I don’t know why, maybe is how expressive is Faylan. The chorus was something awesome because it is so catchy, and reminds me to those awesome songs from her last album. The great difference from this song until now would be the guitars, because they sound so different and thankfully escapes from the boredom of wonder fang. I think Faylan really scored with this song as the arrangement was so cool, for example the interlude with that dubstep and faylan singing was something so unexpected but also reaminds me to Sokyuu no Hikari, and maybe that’s why this song has the vein from that song and makes it epic as well. A great A-side from Faylan. Continue reading

Faylan – wonder fang

wonder fang


  1. wonder fang
  2. Blue sanction


wonder fang

The classic style of faylan can be found in this song, pounding guitars and the great voice of faylan. It reminds me to GOD FATE, but this seems more controlled and not over the place like I would expected. I mean the tune is cool and faylan just sings great, but I can’t feel something amazing from the song, faylan doesn’t do something with her voice to impress, it always stays in the same range (except in a tiny bit). Even the arrangement sounds so similar to her first singles and doesn’t stand out to me. An okay A-side.

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