HIMEKA – Kagiri Aru Yume



  1. Kagiri Aru Yume
  2. TSU-BA-SA
  3. Kagiri Aru Yume (Off Vocal)
  4. TSU-BA-SA (Off Vocal)

Kagiri Aru Yume

My first impression for the tune was: “Is this Annabel’s 2nd part of Alternative?”, but then it became a little more folkish with the accordion which was something we have seen thanks to Echoes, the arrangement is epic everywhere using really good the dark setting which was something I was expecting for Rozen Maiden. Then after listening again the song, I can confirm the same as Tsukiyo’s blog, I was expecting a different tone from HIMEKA for the tune, I was expecting something more depressing and quiet, or a deeper tone, something as Annabel’s alternative was acceptable, but even so, the song was really awesome, and gives me hope for more music from HIMEKA. Continue reading