ELISA – Millenario


  1. Millenario
  2. Sign -Yakusoku no Kane-
  3. Rain Cage
  4. Millenario (TV Size)


Considering the last singles I was surprised that this would be a ballad. The song starts really calm but having a touch of delicacy thanks to ELISA, the song picks more energy with the electric guitar trying to imitate some american or english sound, but is not that present that sound, so it’s okay.  I would’ve liked more the song if the rocking sound was gone from the song, because I liked how it was at first, but then it became something semi bland(except that instrumental solo which was awesome), but still makes up as a lovely ballad, even if she already has a lot of those.

Sign -Yakusoku no Kane-

I think was fascinated the first time I heard this intro. It sounded so mysterious and trying to retrieve some signs of life from REALISM, but then once the verses start to progress the song starts to become a little bit boring (but once it almost reaches the chorus). I really like the chanting because brings life to the song and makes it different but I’m not that fascinated with the chorus because I think it’s a little bland. I recognize them  the experimentation in certain sections because it tried some aspects of her latest singles and that was cool, but as a whole, didn’t worked for me that much. It’s ok, but that’s it. Continue reading





  2. Puraana
  3. Wherever


Considering her last single, I thought she will do something like this, beginning some chant and quickly following some rapid violins and then we can hear ELISA’s voice and her incredible voice to then be incorporated on the chanting. I think it brings the epic sound she needed since she went on hiatus. Once this passage finishes, the song becomes an ELISA tune, as it uses the same arrange as previous songs, except that the chant is still present which is what makes it more awesome, the way she can use her 2 tones for the song is something she doesn’t do often, but I appreciate it. The song is like different things mixed in, kinda like God Only Knows where the song was divided in several pieces, but this one keeping the faithful sound, overall, the song is awesome when the chanting is there, but mostly where the anison sound is present sounded like typical ELISA, which is not bad, but not surprising. A great song.

Puraana Continue reading