Best of 2014 : Singles (B-Sides)

I think that I had less singles to review than last year. Maybe or maybe not. What we have here is the first post for the best of last year (because we all know posting until next year the best of last year is the new trend).

So first will be the singles which consists in:

So let’s start:Best B-side

The ones that almost made it:

la la larks – end of refrain / fhána – Sorairo Picture

egoizmhoshikuzu no interlude

Both of these B-sides contained great arrangements and were so catchy but not as much as the top 5. end of refrain mixing a different style than their usual sound was so cool. And Sorairo Picture being a little bit dark but was outstanding thanks to the arrangement changing my idea of fhána.

Top 5

5th Place

Nana Mizuki – BLUE

kindan no resistance

The B-side was not as great as Ai no Hoshi, but was sincere and shows the Nana we love in this song with a pure and calm song that builds itself through the song and delivers one good B-side that can join the list of great ballads from Nana.

4th place

yanaginagi – Intention Propellant (インテンション・プロぺラント)

mitsuba no musubime

This fast pace and weirdness is usual in nagi’s music which is something I appreciate from her and more if she is composing and making the arrangement. Anyways this B-side was so cool with the the chorus that for me turned out to be quite catchy and worth the while. It’s a good song that due to its nature couldn’t be at her album.

3rd place

Konomi Suzuki – Ryuu Hoshi Chinkonka (竜星鎮魂歌)

ginsen no kaze

I was really focusing on having a Konomi song added in any top because I liked most of her B-sides and A-sides. And because the Cyber Thunder Cider was a cover I preferred having my other favorite of her singles which was for Ginsen no Kaze single. The song isn’t powerful like Konomi’s nature, but goes for a more folkish type but that I was surprised that it worked really well for her and hoped she does similar stuff.

2nd place

Kalafina – in every nothing


It is no surprise Kalafina is here in the top and almost took the 1st place with every nothing but something else beat it. In every nothing is quite amazing with its arrangement and Hikaru taking the lead role for the song because when she sings as lead, it will turn out as an amazing song. And this is no exception, and besides it reminds me of the old Kalafina that we all love 🙂

1st place

Goose House – Koi ha(wa) Hira Hirari (恋はヒラひらり)

Oto no naru hou he

What?! This took Kalafina’s place? Well, yes, Goose House went strong this year with the 2 singles. As the B-side for Oto no Naru Hou He, I was/am really obsessed with it, because I love the vocals and how they harmonize for this song, because it is so lovely and perfect for me. The arrangement comes as quite simple for the single, but comes really original at the live version which gives it extra points. You should check it out.

So did you expected any other B-side in the list?

Feel free to comment


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