Kanon Nakagawa – Colors


  1. Seishun Paradise
  2. Kanon 100%
  3. Kimi iro Love Song
  4. Natsuiro Surprise
  5. Summer Boy
  6. Romantic Aijou
  7. Shuusoku Kataomoi
  8. Hitomi Kara Snow
  9. Koi ni Ochita Santa
  10. Vale Vale Valentine
  11. Sakurairo Sotsugyou
  12. Aruite iku mon

Seishun Paradise

I was already prepared for cute idolish tunes when I remembered the singles to promote the album. At least the beginning was trying to take that idea out. Thankfully, for me the song is real catchy for itself and sounds quite different than her other songs. The arrangement is quite simple noted by rhythmic drums and some clapping. But the star would be Nao trying to get your attention every time she can. I could say that the chorus is really catchy, and I mean it, but has some issues, little in this case. So I wonder why this wasn’t a song from the singles.

Kanon 100%

The song for the OVA of TWGOK regarding Kanon transformed into a little girl. The song resembles a lot to Seishun Paradise and I think is mostly thanks to the way she is singing as the arrangement is quite different and then again sounds really idolish. The verses are the part which I think sound more similar, but the chorus stands out really good because I like the joyful feeling she is giving. The arrangement is quite simple for me. but the song did its job correctly and at least captured my attention.

Kimi iro Love Song

As the B-side from the previous song. I never heard it until the album came out. And what do I think about it? The intro was cool, but quickly becomes something different that I’m not sure I like completely. The good thing about it is that the song is different from the previous two. The song is stylish in its way, and something I really liked was the piano playing in a lot of sections and was really amazing. That was the best thing of the song xD Continue reading