Nana Mizuki – Exterminate


  1. Exterminate
  2. Bramble (ブランブル)
  3. It’s Only Brave


I thought it would follow the lines from its predecessors, but this starts with Nana by herself until the song tries to be dark and return to a common sound, but strangely it doesn’t seems that focused on synths, and shows itself more as a mixture of styles. If you listen to the chorus, it seems as a more standard Nana style but with a lot of strings as well. I don’t intend to say that the song is bad, because it’s not, the song works very good and the chorus is really cool, but I don’t consider it as a Symphogear tune. The song has it all, string, synths, weird moments, and amazing vocals from Nana. This is a great A-side from Nana and obviously beats up Angel Blossom by a huge mark.

Bramble (ブランブル)

I wasn’t sure what will the B-sides turn out to be. Bramble doesn’t seems like a Nana song at first. The rhythm gives more vibes of another artist, but this “safe” sound brings variety and stands out easily. The constants beats and subtle strings are noticeable as the main subject for this arrangement. When Nana sings the song becomes really amazing and different from the initial impression, and gives me reminders of 90’s anime songs (not even sure about this). But I think it serves as a breaker from standard nana songs. A good B-side.

It’s Only Brave

The song is a simple rock style, but when Nana does it, it always turns out good. This one gives anime vibe, and I don’t mind because the song becomes catchy quickly. The chorus is outstanding because of how Nana sang it, but the arrangement help it, and becomes my favorite part of it. The song goes through the same line, so not much of a variation except the guitar solo. It’s one of those happy songs from Nana like Rock you Baby or something along that line, but really enjoyable. Another good song.

Is it worth listening? Yes!!

The single proved to be enjoyable all together. Every song brought different styles from Nana and each one was characteristic in its way. Exterminate sounds like a more serious Symphogear song, but I think some parts make it fit in the trilogy nicely. Bramble sounds like the more toned down in the single, but it’s still enjoyable. Meanwhile my favorite It’s Only Brave,brought a common sound but was really outstanding thanks to her vocals. Nice single and now it’s just time for new album to release.


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