Jupiter Sisters – Kizuna no Yukue

kizuna no yukue

Single used as ending for The World God Only Knows Megami Hen. Where the 6 girls related to the arc are the ones singing the ending theme. This consists of Ayana Taketatsu, Kana Hanazawa, Ayahi Takagaki, Yuka Iguchi, Nazuka Kaori and Nao Toyama .


  1. Kizuna no Yukue
  2. Kizuna no Yukue feat. Kujyo Tsukiyo
  3. Kizuna no Yukue feat. Nakagawa Kanon
  4. Kizuna no Yukue feat. Ayukawa Tenri
  5. Kizuna no Yukue feat. Shiomiya Shiori
  6. Kizuna no Yukue feat. Goido Yui
  7. Kizuna no Yukue feat. Takahara Ayumi
  8. Kizuna no Yukue (TV-Size)

Kizuna no Yukue

The original full song is the one I was most interested to hear, because of how they will blend each of their voices and the good thing is that they have solos. The song consists of little segments of piano, then replaced by drums, and once the chorus starts the song is easily noticed the strings that were subtle previously. The song continues the same rhythm using the solos to keep things interesting. I really love the transition from the last lines into the chorus, and also the chorus, is really catchy and I love it. The interlude in the song was a little unexpected but really cool and different from the usual sound used in the song. My only problem is how they made Ayahi sing like in the anime (obvious to do) but I really wanted her usual tone which is why she shines as a solo. Aside of her, Kana and Nao were the ones I could easily distinguish, and it took me a while for Kaori and Ayahi, but the one easiest was Yuka thanks to her anime tone. Even so this was a song that I really enjoyed. Continue reading