Minori Chihara – Aitakatta Sora

aitakatta sora

  1. Aitakatta Sora (会いたかった空)
  2. Rin no Hana (凛の花)
  3. Aitakatta Sora -Instrumental- (会いたかった空)
  4. Rin no Hana -Instrumental- (凛の花)

Aitakatta Sora (会いたかった空)

I’ve loved previous tie-in for Kyoukai no Kanata, but this one is really different at least in terms of general rhythm, because the instruments and some arranges seem similar (although I notice it mostly at the chorus). The song brings more positivity and seems more mid-tempo which can be a good thing for her if she doesn’t tries to use her squeaky voice, as it can ruin the song. Thankfully the song seems to avoid most of it, and her tone is at least enjoyable. The arrangement after several listens seems anison at its core, and even more sounding like Kyoukai no Kanata, but using more predominant instruments at the chorus makes you forget it. Adding the PV which to me was lovely brought more positivity to it (not considering the lyrics). So for me this was a pleasant song that can fit in the ‘casual Minori songs’ list, but at the long run it will be forgettable, if she continues to get more anison titles.

Rin no Hana (凛の花)

I tend these last singles to forget her B-sides because they tend to be forgettable or boring. This one tries a more laidback style and at some points I thought this was another artist because I haven’t heard something like this from Minorin. One good thing here is that the vocals are in the safe zone because she’s so relaxed and doesn’t need to raise the tone. I later notice that strings are added to the song, but I think they’re unnecessary because the arrangement could go in a different direction and bring variety. More things happen at the last part of the song that will remind you of Christmas song, and could’ve redeem it, but still a forgettable song.

Is it worth listening? Go for the A-side

I think this was a quick release, but still the A-side was enjoyable and remind me that I need to see the movie for Kyoukai no Kanata. The song gets positive at least for me and made me happy when listening. But the B-side was forgettable although it was trying to do the things different, but you can listen to it at least once. Now I’m going for her next single with tie-in.


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