Best of 2014 – Best Singles

This is the final part of the post related to singles which focuses on the categories:

So let’s continue:

Honorable mentions:

[nZk]:mizuki – A/Z / fhána – Hoshikuzu no Interlude

A_Zhoshikuzu no interlude

The single that took me by surprise was for Aldnoah.Zero because I didn’t expect great music from the anime as for opening or ending (until found out it was Kalafina). But when I heard both endings from same artist, I’d take back my low expectations because A/Z and aLIEz were phenomenal for me and really stucked to me. For fhána’s single, it was too good as a whole with both songs really having a variety of sound. Each single was better in its way, but this one beat them all. But still wasn’t enough for the top 5.

Top 5

5th Place

yanaginagi- Mitsuba no Musubime (三つ葉の結びめ)

mitsuba no musubime

Nagi’s song was so lovely and fitting for the anime as her previous song and well Mitsuba no Musubime just had to be at the top. With 2 amazing B-sides that just prove that she can try many genres or styles and they work good for her. Still, the best song was the A-side but I still hear those 2 B-sides because considering all the B-sides she had, these are mostly her best in this era (Mnemonic is the best one by far still). So this single is a really good one and deserves some listens.

4th Place

Konomi Suzuki – this game

this game

I was deciding which of her 2 singles was better, but definitely I think this was the best (even with one meh B-side).  this game just proved that Konomi still has it, and with one amazing song that still amazes me when I hear it. And considering that she always make covers, the one I heard for regular edition was really amazing for her and makes it stand out as well. Konomi has what’s needed for keeping her role at anison music.

3rd Place

Nana Mizuki – Kindan no Resistance (禁断のレジスタンス)

kindan no resistance

I was fascinated with the PV for the song so the A-side was really a blast and I still consider it like that. But in terms of whole single is something different. The single presents us 3 different songs and each one gives a different approach of what we know Nana tries in her music. The B-sides were a little meh~, otherwise this would be even higher at the top.

2nd Place

Kalafina – believe


Kalafina was the opposite from Nana, as the A-side was a little meh~ but their B-sides were soooo impressive and fresh considering the last songs they had released. believe just feels like heavenly blue meanwhile in every nothing and lapis were perfect for showing Kalafina’s spark which I thought was being lost for a moment. An amazing single and I expect the next one to be better.

1st Place

1st Goose House – Hikaru Nara (光るなら) / oto no naru hou he (オトのナルホウヘ)

hikaru naraOto no naru hou he

So the recent band I started to review took the #1 spot for every post. So what’s does it say? That Goose House is coming strong, as a band with 7 members it gives them more variety to try more things, and their first albums show how they are evolving. Now with these 2 singles, they raised the flag too high in the anison music and that’s why the 2 had to be at the #1, they were easily the best singles of last year with amazing songs that are stuck in my head and trying to remember each of the member voices. So you should check the singles and the band’s previous music.

Now it’s only missing the Albums section. Which should be in a couple of days I think.


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