smashing anthems

  1. Glorious Break
  2. Never Let Go
  4. Angel Blossom
  6. Lazy Syndrome (レイシーシンドローム)
  7. Koi Uta (コイウタ)
  8. Kindan no Resistance-Extended Mix- (禁断のレジスタンス)
  9. The NEW STAR
  10. Clutch!!!
  11. Netsujou no Maria (熱情のマリア)
  12. Ego Ideal (エゴアイディル)
  13. Eden (エデン)
  14. Ambivalence (アンビバレンス)
  15. Exterminate

Glorious Break
Nana is always trying to give us this epic intro since the last albums (RN & SL), and Glorious Breaks fits in perfectly for this category. Tied in to Symphogear you will expect the epic sound, but what I didn’t know (basically because I haven’t seen the anime completely) is that brings similarities of Exterminate to the song. One feature that I like is the pseudo choir that sing some lines that bring the real epic factor to the song and makes it even better. If you compare it to the older intros this one falls behind but not necesarily is bad, but needs more to get into their level. Nana brings good vocals to the song, but I didn’t notice anything spectacular besides her usual stuff, one or two tricks could’ve been awesome. The song depends a lot of the arrangement to show us the whole journey, and I think as an instrumental piece was another good option.
Never Let Go
We bring the good stuff since the beginning with Never Let Go that sounds really dark than her usual stuff and is surprising to me to hear something like this from her. The chorus is supernal (ok, I wanted to use her title xD) because doesn’t go over the board, and the constant drumbeat and Nana’s voice worked phenomenal. The chorus OMG is just so catchy, you almost follow Nana by singing along of how catchy it is. There’s a lot of things I can say about this song, but is better if you listen to it. Definitely an early favorite.
Working as the PV for the album, I wasn’t really expecting something like this in any way xD. Nevertheless now after several listens I have to say I’m fond of it, the song has a lot of cute&catchy style, and just reminds me of the 70s with that rhythm. Obviously this is meant for dancing along with it, and she manages it easily. The song has style, and she gives her own touch to the song which is needed at these times. It’s not cute like Lovely Fruit or the similar ones, so this is a fresh song which I’m really liking a lot.
Angel Blossom
Then this A-side comes, and I still don’t like it that much, because is one of those songs that sounds generic, but brings charm in an odd way. Of the few good things I can say are certain verses were good and brought different pace, and when you combine the song with the PV the song becomes better, so I suggest to watch the MV. I think the placement in the album was good, though.
We return with new songs and BRACELET brings a little more of a heavy arrangement to the song, but the song seems so similar to the IMPACT EXCITER era. The arrangement reminds me a lot of it. The chorus thankfully fixes part of it as it sounds really different and has good energy. Some dramatics added here and there were unexpected and I really liked those although I expected more of it. The song is catchy and good but doesn’t seems that original for Nana standards, but I will let it pass as the song is really good altogether.
Lazy Syndrome (レイシーシンドローム)
I was so happy that they included my favorite B-side of the era. Lazy Syndrome has everything that I need to make this of my favorite songs. It is rock with touches of attitude that denote originality since the beginning. The chorus is superb, the riff is amazing and with how Nana was singing I got enamored and loved every part of it (yes, even the rap part). I am loving this type of Nana, because this isn’t something she does that much, but when she does it, it’s beyond expectations. So yeah, the arrangement is amazing and fits perfectly for Nana. Easily one of the best songs of the album if not the best until now.
Koi Uta (コイウタ)
I was obviously expecting a ballad sometime soon, but the song seems like an ending to an anime, so that’s good I think. When I first heard it I though this is something I’ve heard before, and until recently it came to me that sounds similar to Separate Ways from Haruka Tomatsu and Mirai He from Himeka (in some verses or chorus). The song has the usual arrangement for anime endings, and strangely enough I really like it. I know I shouldn’t like it that much, but I’m a sucker for this type of songs. So it’s up to you if you want to listen it. But just understand that you may end up like me with this song.
Kindan no Resistance -Extended Mix- (禁断のレジスタンス)
For this song they only added an introduction with strings and Nana’s vocals to make it like a Symphogear style song, but I think it wasn’t needed and Exterminate needed it more. Once the weird intro finishes we get the song as in the single with no other changes. The song is anison but with a more predominant rock sound combined with Nana’s power vocals to make it stand out even more. I was really a fan of the song when released and still am, the flute was a really nice feature and brought power to the song. I still think the same for the song, it is a good song and stands as one of the best A-sides of the era. Just that the intro is really weird for me.
Of all the new songs until now this one had the weirdest intro for me, I didn’t imagine Nana singing this. It sounds so funky and going a similar style like SUPER MAN but more laid back, considering only the verses. For the chorus it changes completely and sounds more like a dance club style. From what I’ve heard until now, this one has the most innovation for her style, and kinda works in its own way. Still I feel like there’s a disconnect between verses and chorus, and it needed a bridge to really connect both of them, but it is a good song.
This song joins the club of the merry-go-round style we are having in this last albums (are we trying to get clone songs from previous albums?). I mean it feels like Happy Go Round 2.0, with a little variation with the arrangement. Still I really like the rhythm because it is so charming and makes me happy every time I hear it. Not much details can be added as this is similar to the mentioned track before. But is it worth listening basically because of the arrangement.
Netsujou no Maria (熱情のマリア)
I was having a lot of expectations for this song, mostly because of the title. The arrangement sounds a little futuristic, and pleasant to the ears. I’m not sure how to explain the song as it mixes the anison style but brings a cosmic sound to it. The chorus is so cool and brings variety, but not only there, there’s a lot of good features in the song that make it stand out. Also I noticed that this song could’ve fit at Ultimate Diamond or Supernal Liberty as it has an easiness thanks to its genre. I will say that this song is really enjoyable and is another favorite.
Ego Ideal (エゴアイディール)
I only thought Miku Hatsune when I heard the first seconds, something along the lines of doriko or Tohma. The fast piano parts are really good for me and really catchy as well. The chorus changes and gives less emotion than the verses but is still cool. The best feature for me was the piano because it reminds me of other styles that use similar sound and I can’t say no to that. The song increases to become better for a brief moment before returning to that chorus. I was really fascinated at first by it, but after several listens it has become a little meh. But I’m still trapped by the piano.
Eden (エデン)
And we have finally my favorite A-side of the era. Not many think as I do, but first so you know this is the only song that moves away from the usual Nana sound and that caught my attention. Then the arrangement, thanks mostly to the guitar, I started loving it more. The chorus was just something I needed from her since time ago, and this time it really worked and giving this type of wintry feel was an extra. Those piano parts are really cool although they are covered mostly by the guitar and drums, but once you hear them you’ll love them. Everything about the song is just marvelous. The only thing is that is being obscured by most of the album songs as she had a lot of good ones this time.
Ambivalence (アンビバレンス)
Ok Nana, you need to stop giving this much variety or I will love it all xD. The song is all jazzy and tranquil which is something we needed at this point after all of those powerful songs. The arrangement is really sexy and Nana brings more punch to it rising up to max level of sexiness. The song doesn’t go beyond the limits(it’s not needed), so everything about the song is lovely. The piano is the main star of the song and it just made Nana shine in the correct areas. Now this is something that will leave a mark in her career, but it needs to be more promoted at concerts so it can reach that status. I think of this song as Aishuu Twilight which was the hidden gem of previous album, basically this song just stole the album easily. My favorite of the new album songs.
Ah Exterminate, the least favorite for me of the Symphogear songs. The song itself stays a little far from the synths section to give more appraisal to the strings. It has some good parts that make it stand out as the acapella part of the beginning, and the choir. The song as mentioned before shares similarities to Glorious Break but that one uses better its resources to sound more epic. I think also this didn’t worked as ending and we needed another ballad to finish the album. Still the strings and choir make up for what was missing in this song, and delivers at the end a pleasant and powerful song, which should’ve been placed in other part.

Favorite Songs


Lazy Syndrome


Never Let Go

Ego Ideal

Is it worth listening? Yes!!!!! Another great delivery from Nana
I was really impressed with the whole package that is SMASHING ANTHEMS considering the A-sides I thought that it would go over the style of the singles, but I was wrong. This was a package of different genres and styles, which some were new to her, but really worked on her favor. I was really impressed with most if not all of the album songs and really surpassed almost all of the single songs. If you want to listen to Nana, first is Rockbound Neighbors, then you should go with this album, it is really good.


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