yanaginagi – Harumodoki


  1. Harumodoki (春擬き)
  2. Rinshi Mokuhyou Hon (鱗翅目標本)
  3. Harumodoki -Instrumental-
  4. Rinshi Mokuhyou Hon -Instrumental-

Harumodoki (春擬き)

I was so glad that she continued the tie-in for Oregairu for the 2nd season. This continues the anison vibe, but I really like the drastic strings at the beginning and I’m also fascinated with how nagi managed her voice during verses but mostly at the chorus. The strings here were one my favorite part because how they were shown during the song. I think this song works even better watching the opening because it mixes so well. I think she chose a great song as a followup for her 2nd album. A definitely good song and I even like it more than Yukitoki 🙂

Rinshi Mokuhyou Hon (鱗翅目標本)

The song immediately sounded like something Nagi will do, it sounds so spacey or somewhat similar. It starts slow and minimalistic, and continues like that adding nagi’s whispery vocals and some increase in sound during the chorus. I think it is really safe even for nagi but I think that was the intention, I’ve never heard from her own songs something this minimalistic and simple but working as well. It reminds me a lot of binaria’s music. It was a pleasant song.

Is it worth listening? Yes

Nagi begins a new era with this amazing single. The A-side was really beautiful and something really fitting for the anime as well as an A-side, the arrangement was lovely and Nagi sounded good all the way. And as for the B-side was something for daydreaming and wanting something simple and minimalistic. Sounded like something pleasant and mixes well as a whole. I think this was another hit single for Nagi.


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