Concept Album – Owari no Wakusei no Love Song

There was this album that I really like and wanted to let you know of it. But as it is quite hard to review, it is better if I explain what the album is about.

owari no wakusei

Owari no Wakusei no Love Song

Jun Maeda x yanaginagi

This is an interesting take of a concept album from one of the members of Key(known for making us cry until we don’t have tears left) which is Jun Maeda, this time she used yanaginagi as the voice for all the songs of this album. Each song on this album represents a story tell from the point of view of one the characters of the story. Even if some of them are really weird in the base story, each song leaves you with a sad feeling after reading the lyrics. So in this case there are 13 songs (I consider 12 of them as real songs). And so I will try to explain a little about what each song is trying to tell.

This will be only a brief explanation of each song as the first time I tried to write it, it went too long for only one song, and besides this is so you can look the lyrics of the songs and see what the whole song is about. Continue reading