vertical horizon


  1. Umare Izuru Monogatari
  3. [Dreamed wolf]
  4. Toki no Kizuna
  6. starry x ray
  7. Dresser Girl…♡
  8. Distrigger
  9. Nari Hibiita Kodou no Naka de, Boku wa Seijaku wo Kiku
  11. Just believe.
  12. reimei
  13. story – Kimi he no Tegami-

Umare  Izuru Monogatari

As the intro for the album, I imagined it will be something dark to start and Maon doesn’t disappoint. The intro contains piano as starters but it just feels so lonely and trying to show there’s something creepy next. And that’s when the synths appear, but the piano still there but sounding scary. A good intro for..


The 2nd single of this era, and I wasn’t sure of this song when I heard it at Jormungand (as this serves for the OP of the 2nd season). But after some time I finally hear it again and it’s so cool. With the guitars still there and Maon sounding awesome, it really works for me. Having that dupstep sound behind in certain verses was normal, as she started doing this since her previous album, and here works as well and makes the song catchier or at least I will be able to remember it. If I have to compare it to the ending of the anime, I prefer the ending, but then again they’re differente artists 🙂

[Dreamed wolf]

I don’t know how to describe this song. It’s a mixture of Maon signature sound but with more chaotic sound at some points, and having that castle-theme sound at the back (reminded of Castlevania don’t know why) was something spooky or cool (maybe both). I really like how they manage the guitars here as they bring a good rhythm for the song, and Maon bringing the emotion needed was just perfect. All this only for the verses, the chorus just goes another level up and gets better. The last part since the middle 8 until the end, is my favorite part, there is something so amazing in that part that I thing  would’ve been awesome in the whole song. Still this is an amazing song and we’re only starting. Continue reading


Maon Kurosaki – X-encounter



  1. X-encounter
  2. unchain.
  3. X-encounter (Instrumental)
  4. unchain. (Instrumental)


Maon, you really surprised me with this song. I wasn’t expecting something electro for your new song. The first part with Maon under filter wasn’t good but quickly it changes to be more amazing, the sound continues the same but it doesn’t affect the song, because the song is THAT good. I mean the song sounded so mysterious since the CM was released for this song and also when the OP was shown (even if I don’t see the anime) I liked the song. I think the only downside was the length, I think 1 minute less and it would’ve been ok, but still the ani-electro (Solarblade I take the genre word you used xD) from this song was so cool and really catchy, having some guitars mixes in several parts of the song was a good choice, a really good song.


This song continues the style of her incredible AMAZING album. Having a more noticeable anison style but having some guitar work that was epic so that was ok. This captured my attention faster than x-encounter, because the song retains the sound of her album, and she sounds so good, except in some lines where she tries more than she should with her voice, but that ‘s little compared with the whole song which was really epic. The guitars were the main star combined with Maon and I think this deserved to be an A-side as well, because of how good it is.

Is it worth listening? Oh god yes!

Yes. I am now oficially adding her to my review list.

After starting to hear Maon again, she really surprised the hell out of me. An almost perfect album and an incredible single as follow-up. This single had 2 incredible songs and as well they differ which was another good thing. X-encounter was amazing changing to this electro catching sound but keeping some anison style, and this one really captured my attention, I will still listen to this song for some time. But the main star for me was unchain., the song retained the style that I loved from her album and she nailed it again. So what else can I say? This really deserves to be listened, because I think this is her best single until now (Memories last was my favorite until this one).