Annabel – TALK



  1. I.C
  2. Konsen to Taiwa
  3. Shihyou
  4. Sky needle
  6. Alternative
  7. Kara no Naka
  8. Ao ni Tokeru
  9. Sprinter Trip
  10. Dream Reverse
  11. Mikansei na Hoshi no Juunin
  12. Small Worldrop


The opening of the album, and starts good with a more common rock sound. Annabel sounds good, and the rocking sound even if it sounds normal, the song for Annabel is something new and fresh as well. There are certain notes in the chorus that sounded anison for me or similar to other song, and I think it’s good. The verses sound strange with the simple drums and some electric guitar only noticeable at certain points. Also I just remembered that this maybe tries to remember me of SFP, but I think is the next song the one that has that feeling. This song was an amazing way to start the album, and the more I listen to it, I like it more.

Konsen to Taiwa

The PV for the album and this is the song arranged by one of the members of the disbanded SFP (keyboard), but you can already notice that this sounds like the band because it has that weird rocking sound and the signature of the weird keyboard sounds (just like in SFP) and Annabel works in this genre easily and I love that she work with him to make this song what it is. It differs from I.C but I think this was also a good choice as the opening for the album, but I don’t mind. An amazing song and deserves to be listened if you like school food punishment.


The B-side came in the album and I was so happy of this  because I consider this song one of her best until now. The song wasn’t changed and my opinion is still the same. The way the song presents itself using the normal rock song adding some strings was so amazing. There is a lot of dramatic thanks to the verses at first that seem slower than the next ones. I think Annabel had the right tone and mystery in her voice that made the song what it is. Even in the album this is an instant favorite, which is why I really love it 🙂

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Annabel – miniascape



  1. sensonia
  2. My heaven
  3. Signal Graph
  4. Light of Dawn
  6. Akashi
  7. Seiro Koukou
  8. abysmal noise
  9. Hello Mellow
  10. Sayonara no Tsuzuki he
  11. torus
  12. anamnesis
  13. Kineorama
  14. above your hand


The album starts with one of the new songs, and starts really good with those strings and really depressive. That’s when Annabel starts singing combined with some piano and some weird sound used at the back. But once the background vocals start joining the song, it gets a lot more color and becomes more awesome. This is mostly how the song is but what I like is how she changes the arrange for each verse and sounds really different. For example the 2nd verse has now strings in it, and not the hitting of bells in it only. Those beats combined with strings are really awesome, it just makes feel awesome with that part and makes it stand out. Annabel sings really incredible and I love every part of the song A great way to start her 1st album.

My heaven

Her 2nd A-side begins and apparently she tries to continue the same depressing sound or really quiet. This time Annabel starts singing and combined with piano some strings and a beat at the back as well. But this one tries faster to become bigger in sound and that’s when the chorus arrives and I really like that it changes from the verses and it’s really strong and epic for me. I like how she adds some small details at each song she does, and brings different color in each song. The chorus for me this time was the best part of the song and I think she did a good job as well vocally in it. This is definitely a great followup for sensonia but I still prefer the other one because the sound of it sticks easily at my head.

Signal Graph

This song was I think one of my first favorite songs from Annabel. This obviously carries the anison sound, but doesn’t affect me at least, and even better I’m loving how Annabel sings the song, it’s cute and quite lovely. I started to notice several things like the little sections of guitar played which I didn’t notice before, or some traces of piano, which added more uniqueness to the song. I think Annabel tried to had the anison sound but adding her style in the song, and this time it worked so good. I’m really attached to this song, and every time I hear this song it always puts me a smile. One my early favorites of the album. Continue reading

Annabel – Alternative



  1. Alternative
  2. Ao ni Tokeru


The sound is so mysterious with all the sounds during the verses, that you think you are almost near dolls. Annabel does a good job keeping me interested with the arrangement, those beats are always the best when she uses them like that, combined with some underlying strings and her previous voice. The dialogue after the chorus was so weird, but I don’t care. Then you start hearing more predominance from those weird sounds like a clock and the dolls when they are winded up. Those strings are the middle were so depressive and so good, and then Annabel comes singing and I already feel intrigued for what’s next. In some parts of the song, I think… is that Akashi?!?!?! but then the depressive strings return and then the beats are more quick with some chorus in the back and the song just becomes better. Another perfect A-side from Annabel.

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Annabel – Small Worldrop

small worldrop


  1. Small Worldrop
  2. Shihyou

Small Worldrop

The intro was so cool, but unexpected once you consider all the song’s flow. This song is so relax and perfect for Annabel’s voice, then it continues to grow until the chorus where I think is the best part from the song, so good and different from an anison song. Considering it’s tie-in to RDG, the Opening is so weird, as it should be more mysterious but the song itself stands out, with those piano-string combinations and how Annabel mixes in with the song. The only thing I consider is that should have ended like in the opening, because it leaves a more epic impression. Continue reading