Best of 2014: Albums

And finally the last post related to music from last year. This time it will be about albums. I think I heard fewer albums (or they only released less than last year) because this time the list is smaller, so this time it will be a top 3. Also, if you want to check the other posts, here they are:

So let’s finish this!

Best Album Songs

This time I’ll manage it differently. Based on how many album songs I liked and some from same artist, I’ll make the top directed toward the artist and the album songs I liked from him.

Almost made it:

FictionJunction – Gaika

elementalIt was hard to find a new song, as almost all songs from singles are here and only 4 new songs (the sphere trend ¬¬). Anyways from those new songs, I think Gaika has what’s needed to be an outstanding song, having some dark vibe and mixing Wakana with Keiko was the perfect choice, I thought it would be a Kalafina style but no, this goes more the lines from Kajiura OST style. You should check it out.

ELISA Mononoke Hime (もののけ姫)/Shout My Heart

As LifeI love how the weird songs from ELISA are the ones that turn out amazing. I mean she released a lot of songs that sounded like copies from her old songs in the first albums. So from the ones that did stand out are those two that I really remember. Both use a more similar voice style like KOKIA or Akiko Shikata which with only that will catch my attention. Mononoke Hime and Shout My heart still differ from each other, which is also awesome because she tried two different ways with a similar voice style. I consider Shout my Heart as an album song because it wasn’t released as an official song.

Top 5

5th Place

Annabel – sky needle / Kara no Naka

talkI fell in love with sky needle, based mostly on the change of style that Annabel tried for this which was a normal style instead of the depressive or weird sound that we’re accustomed to. And also because she doesn’t have a similar song in the album makes it stand out even more. For the case of Kara no Naka was one of those songs that started like meh~ but turned out at the end as her best ones, maybe exploring a different way to present these type of songs was a right choice, and is incredibly catchy for me now. Those two are definitely worth for listening.

4th Place

Maon Kurosaki – …Because, in SHADOW/fixxx and lie

reincarnationThere were songs at this album that really melt with the 2 concepts; Maon and I’ve Sound. Because we started with X-encounter there was an initial test, but the album is completely filled of I’ve Sound songs. But some of them worked really good, ..Because, in SHADOW was one great example of an amazing song that works for Maon, it fees like part 2 of X-encounter but still works, not sure if better or equal but at least I can say you need to hear it. For fixxx and lie, was a little different having a more rockish sound and sounding more like a Maon current style which really worked as well.

3rd Place

Kana Hanazawa:

Waltz for Praha/Marathon (マラソン)/Hanabira(花びら)/Tabidatsu kanojo to Furui Sebyoushi(旅立つ彼女と古い背表紙)

25Even if she wasn’t on my list, her album took my attention thanks to being 25 songs in the album (released as that because she turned 25, clever huh?). So I had to hear it, and my first reaction was like Round Table featuring HanaKana, because the producer is one member of the band and tried to keep a similar sound but mixing it with HanaKana’s voice which for me is lovely. And what I loved about the songs selected is that they tried several genres as if nothing and loved how many of them turn out, I think the ones selected are the best example of my favorite ones, but doesn’t mean they’re the only ones. Best to check the album.

2nd Place

yanaginagi Futatsu no Tsuki(2つの月)/navis/landscape

polyominoI took more than expected to make this post because I needed to hear nagi’s album, but my package got stuck at the postal office during December so I got to hear it until mid-January. And I’m happy I’ve waited that much for a fantastic album like this one. I loved how she tried something different from Euaru and new songs like the ones mentioned were really something and worth to hear them a lot. Futatsu was the initial one in my top because sounded like a mix of nagi but also at the same time something she never tried. Landscape being the Yukitoki of the album, and navis as the new ballad of the album which was really cool.

1st Place

Nana Mizuki Antique Natchmusik(アンチェークナハトムジーク)/Aishuu Twilight(哀愁トワイライト)/VIRGIN CODE

supernalbdThis was the easiest choice for #1. I mean once Nana releases a new album she will get something in the top, and this time she brought some good guns to prove it. Antique.. was really an epic track from beginning to end and fascinated with how Nana speaks several languages in the song. Aishuu Twilight was something a lot calmer but following a more jazzier route which turned out really exquisite and VIRGIN CODE just delivered an epic Nana song once again and really stand out as the song that begins the album.

Best Album

Honorable Mentions:

Maon Kurosaki – REINCARNATION / FictionJunction – elemental


These 2 albums had some really good songs, but as a whole they had some flaws which in my case were some boring songs. But at the end they were included thanks to the strong songs. Maon’s album had a great flow most of the album, but some of them were longer than needed or the worst case K-O-N which shouldn’t be at the album, but songs like the A-side and the ones mentioned beforehand are great examples of good songs. And for fictionjunction the great songs were the already known A-sides, and mostly their new ones were disappointments compared to the A-sides and even B-sides (except those of Yuuka), but songs like elemental showcases new routes that Kajiura wants to try.

Top 3

3rd Place

Kana Hanazawa – 25

25Even if I hadn’t reviewed previously. This album was really good, maybe it was thanks to the amount of songs hahaha. But HanaKana definitely worked really hard for an album like this and deserves to be listened. As the amount of songs is huge, you can try first with Disc 1 and move into Disc 2. Having a producer which was member of Round Table was easily discovered once you hear some of the songs, because merges his particular sound with the essence of HanaKana. And the result was a surprisingly varied album with a lot of surprises.

2nd Place

yanaginagi – Polyomino(ポリオミノ)

polyominoThe wait was worth it. Nagi you did it again with this album. The concept once again seems so Nagi with the word Polyomino reminding us of Tetris and if you have seen the album, you will notice the concept in every part of it. The A-sides were really cool and most of the new songs remember the previous album and bringing several variations, although we don’t have a Zoetrope or Laterality here, there are songs that can fill the hole like sweet track or Faraway Highway take us to a rockier side, but not as heavy. So if I summarize the album, it felt like a great experience from beginning to end, but my only complaints were: no mnemonic nor point at infinity makes me sad 😦

1st Place


supernalbdThere was no competition at the end once this album landed at my hands. Nana did it again with a superb album, which unlike Rockbound Neighbors this one presents more variation in genres, which was one issue at Impact Exciter but not so much here. Since the beginning we have one excellent and epic song like VIRGIN CODE, which leads us to a journey of thrilling, defiant sounds with no way to escape but frankly who wants to escape this marvelous journey. Nana always surprises me as her fan, but this time she really excelled like nothing before. Congratulations for this outstanding album.


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