List of Artists

Here will be updated the list of artists that I like and will do reviews from mostly all the discography they have (mainly albums). So take a look at it.



One of the artists that I unexpectedly started to listen, after listening to Nagi, i found binaria a duo from nagi and annabel. After this I started listening to her indie and normal music, and I love it, so you will see some reviews of her albums and latest singles.


ELISA ^^, she is perfect, first, she is a model and a singer. She has a career most known for singing the Opening for certain animes like “Ef”, “Hayate the combat butler”, etc. Recently returned to music after being on hiatus with a new albums and new singles.



A recent band could be said. Fhána was a band that caught my attention thanks to divine intervention. And realized they had 2 singles before, so now I try reviewing them, considering I haven’t seen reviews from them.



This is one of my recent favorite artists thanks to anime I got to know her, and began to search for her with her album “Polaris” I was fascinated and with her album “ALIVE” as well. She offers variety in her songs, as well a great voice that is strong and controlled. She deserves some listens from her albums



FictionJunction deserves all attention as it another project from Yuki Kajiura and in 2014 released elemental their latest album. With strong and perfect vocals from their members, every song is a continuous ride into happiness and various emotions depending the song…except from YUUKA which I’m not too fond of.

Goose House

goose house 2

This is the more recent band I have included, and deserves a really good spot. If you haven’t heard them, they have a Youtube channel with a lot of covers from Jpop Artists. And since they are now a 7-member band, they started to get more attention thanks to their song for Silver Spoon anime. And now for Shigatsu ha (wa) kimi no uso called “Hikaru Nara”. The time is now for listening them.



HIMEKA as a canadian in a japanese market seems weird but has a strong voice and powerful songs which to me were really amazing and had even an album.



I seriously love this band, ever since Magia was released I started to look for all Kalafina material and what I got was just excellent, this Yuki Kajiura’s band is so cool, and obvioulsy I will review all of their discography.

Kaori Mochida

kaori mochida

I will review her as a solo instead of the band. Since ELT has those long periods to release music, Kaori started to release her music as solist, and until now she has released 3 albums, so I will try to review her 3 albums.



KOKIA is everything. If you haven’t heard KOKIA, now is your chance, she is one of the best artists I heard, her opera, strong, calm voice style, is one of the things that define her. She tries several styles and ways to sing in all of her albums, you will fall in love with her voice. So I will review her albums, which are also a lot x.x

Konomi Suzuki


Konomi is the youngest in my list but damn, she has a cool voice and really powerful for a now 18-year old girl. I heard her thanks to DAYS OF DASH, and now I can’t stop listening her. You should check her A-sides and latest singles which I have reviewed.

la la larks

la la larks

A new band consisting of the ashes from School Food Punishment with some additions which makes it feel like SFP never left. With their debut single I was fascinated so I included them in this list.

Maon Kurosaki

maon kurosaki

Maon Kurosaki was a strange case. I lost track and interest after her 1st album, but was the worst thing to do as her 2nd album VERTICAL HORIZON blew my expectations of her and made me put her in a pedestal. Since then I have been reviewing her and begging for more music like that album.



May’n also known as May Nakabayashi, is another artist that started as member of Macross Frontier, but then became more famous and change her artist name to May’n and also began to be heard in more anime series due to her strong voice and style. Another plus for her is the duet she made with Masami Okui, awesome song. I will review the last album, and if I can the first one and the singles.

Minami Kuribayashi


This anison singer has cemented her place in the music, since Rumbling Hearts and continues to release some great music. Since the last singles she has released I started to like more her music. But as of now I lost interest in her and currently I’m not reviewing her.

Minori Chihara

minori chihara

I was unsure of adding her but her last album was really good and reminded myself her first albums. So with some mistakes in her B-sides but still a good artist I will review her.

Nana Mizuki

Now the trophy for my favorite artist of J-music. Nana Mizuki, is one of the best artist in the recent decade, I will try to not explain a lot, her career since little when she practiced for enka singer and was selected then for seiyuu and also singer, which in 2000 worked for her as an idol with her first single Omoi and later her album “Supersonic Girl” and since that moment she didn’t stop, with anime characters, new singles, albums, concerts, she was the first seiyuu artist to have a #1 album on Oricon and recently for her concert Live Grace. From her I will review almost everything of her music xD



I have slowly started to like the band, but now I am fascinated with their catchy sound. The band consists of A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi. I have loved their music since the GAME era. And now I will start reviewing before they release LEVEL3.



Sphere is an instant famous band, first for the artists in the band that were already known in the music and anime industry, so putting them together as the right choice with the members: Aki, Ayahi, Haruka & Minako. They try several styles and they work for them. But since their last era, I lost interest and not currently thinking to review them.



Nagi Yanagi, also member of binaria and mamenoi, has become of my favorite new artists, I didn’t know of her until supercell with “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”, but once she left the band and started as a solo, I was pleased to see what she would do, and overpass my expectations. I will review her singles and her album “euaru”



First school idol band I heard and liked. Since I heard Snow halation I became an instant fan. With all those releases they have done plus the anime music, it will be a pain to review all at once, so I will slowly review their music.


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