Kalafina – One Light

One Light

  1. One Light
  2. Mahiru (真昼)
  3. Samidare ga Sugita Koro ni (五月雨が過ぎた頃に)
  4. One Light -TV Size-

One Light

This is the type of song I was waiting from Kalafina. I was excited since the CM, because it sounded like that rockish Kalafina we haven’t hear often recently. The song sounded like badass, and here the intro works to enter the verses which sounded different (more rocking anison style) and having Hikaru and Keiko at the back. I think it is quite a while since we heard something this epic from the band, but I think a little more of KEIKO could have been even better. The mix in the chorus alternating between Hikaru and Wakana was surpising and refreshing, although the only downside would be the Kajiurago, as I don’t think it was needed. But this easily is the best A-side from the era.

Mahiru (真昼)

Another ballad? Wow, so unusual…Nevertheless, what I can rescue is KEIKO which sounded lovely and the harmonies were lovely, but the arrangement is so simple and forgettable, so I don’t remember much of the song, but at least the vocals were good.

Samidare ga Sugita Koro ni (五月雨が過ぎた頃に)

This is another song I can’t seem to remember, the song is really different for the band, as the pace is constant and relaxing, but seems so unusual from them that I can’t enjoy it much. The arrangement is ok, but nothing exciting as well the harmonies. It seems as a song that could work for another anison artists but here it sounds so weird. I don’t like it that much.

Is it worth listening? Only the A-side

I was expecting a lot from the single thanks to the preview, but at the end the single is nothing exciting except the A-side, as the B-sides are bland and unmemorable. I think in a good day Samidare is a nice listen, but for now I’m not fan of it neither of Mahiru, thankfully their new album is coming up, so that’s good news at least…


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