comet lucifer

  1. COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)
  2. c.A.T.
  3. COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)
  4. c.A.T. – Instrumental-

COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)

I’m so sad that I lost hope on fhána for no reason at all. I mean the album was great and all but then lost their track. But it was this track that brought my attention back to them. The rhtyhm really works and blends fabulous with the OP, and I was fascinated with towana’s voice because she made me love the song more. I mean the arrangement doesn’t stay quiet and just brings more and more variety. Everything about the song is perfect, towana’s voice; also mixed with keyboard’s vocals. I need to pay more attention to the arrangement because I think there’s more to it that I haven’t heard really well. But still this song rocks, and is one of my favorites of the year.


The B-side sounds like leftovers from their debut album, because it could mix well. The riff is really cool at the verses, and there was some clapping similar to innocent field. And the weird childish voice (chipmunk) was a cute wtf, thankfully it’s not predominant at the song. The song keeps the usual rhythm and is constant most of the song, except at the middle which I think was the best part of the song, although it hears like another song. So I think this is one of their best B-sides, but that chipmunk voice was really weird.


Is it worth listening? Yes, definitely.

fhána brought their heavy guns with this single, not only worked as an opening song, it brought variety. For me makes it their best A-side until now thanks to how they managed the arrangement and towana’s voice and kept me interested during the whole time and made me want more. In this case the B-side was a pleasant song that can be one of their best B-sides, just removing some annoying factors. One thing I notice is that they’re not using the usual anison sound for these last singles, which I think is a good point to their favor as it proves that they have variety in their music. So I just need to review their previous one so then I can continue with their new single for Haruchika.


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