Minori Chihara – Arigatou, Daisuki

arigatou daisuki

  1. Arigatou, Daisuki (ありがとう、だいすき)
  2. Abunai Kurai ni Atsukunare (危ないくらいに熱くなれ)
  3. Arigatou, Daisuki -Off Vocal- (ありがとう、だいすき)
  4. Abunai Kurai ni Atsukunare -Off Vocal- (危ないくらいに熱くなれ)

Arigatou, Daisuki (ありがとう、だいすき)

The song is a ballad, which is good as we didn’t had any ballad in a single recently. The song is calm, works well with her voice and I like how it flows. The chorus is really lovely even if the arrangement doesn’t go beyond, and I thank for that. I appreciate the efforts in the arrangement because I need to pay attention to notice those changes like the little sections of instruments in the verses or how the piano varies at the chorus. The song even includes a choir and was unexpected because it could’ve go through a solo with pure instrument and that would be good for me. This is a pleasant song, and combines well as a followup of previous single.

Abunai Kurai ni Atsukunare (危ないくらいに熱くなれ)

I tend to avoid her B-sides, not sure if it’s a fear of hearing squeaky vocals, but when I heard this one I was surprised because the song is a good combination of synths and rocking style for the song. Minorin sounds comfortable and goes with a good tone which sounds pleasant to me, there are some exceptions like some parts at the chorus. The verses are better managed and entertaining as the chorus seems a little bit bland, but still the song is really fun (and I think there’s also some fast singing thrown in there). An unexpected good B-side for me.


Is it worth listening? Yes, a really good single

I was empty in thoughts with how the single will turn out thanks to the tie-in for Nagato Yuki’s anime. But the single itself was really good and I think it’s a better option than her previous single. I like how ‘Arigatou, Daisuki’ managed the ballad route, and also making Minorin sound pleasant and comfortable. And the B-side was also a surprise because it turned out good with the style used and Minorin sounded good there also. I think the single was a positive step to a cool album, but we still have Koi as next single. I only wish for more epic songs like Defection but I can only dream for now.


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