Best of 2013 – Albums

Now this is the 2nd part of the best of Section.

If you want to read the 1st part, here’s the link. Best of 2013 – Singles

About the poll of Album of Year, the winner was Kalafina’s “consolation”

Was it the same for me? Read to find out

In this case the section is a little bit different because in this one I will consider the artwork as well (There were fewer albums than singles so it’s much easier to decide). So the sections are the following:

  • Albums from Artists I Don’t Review
  • Artwork
  • Best Album Song
  • Best Album Overall

So let’s start

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Best of 2013 – Singles

Finally I will make this post. This is the first time I will perform so maybe in later years it could change but it will keep most of it.

First of all, just to mention the result of the poll for the single, the winner was:

Nana Mizuki with Vitalization!!!! Congrats Nana!

Now following the singles, I will have 3 sections which will be:

  • Best A-side
  • Best B-side
  • Best Single Overall.

So let’s start.

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Best Single of 2013 – Poll

Now we move into another poll which will be the best single of 2013.

Now this is another one difficult because we have a lot of options, and a lot of them are sooo good.

Here are the ones I picked, but as well you can add the one you think deserves if it’s not on the list.

Best Album of 2013 – Poll

I want to see your opinions of what you think is the best album of this year.

I have made a poll for what I think are some of the good albums of this year for me (and considering the artists I am reviewing). So vote for the one you think is the best of this year. You can add as well the option if it’s not there.