May’n – Kyou ni Koiiro

kyo ni koiiro


  1. Kyou ni Koiiro
  2. Soliste
  3. Dear YES><NO

Kyou ni Koiiro

This is the first song I hear from her that really carries a more obvious anison sound in it. I started in her 2nd album and that’s saying a lot. The intro was really cool and I really love how May’n just sounds lively and happy at the song and this is done normally at her lives (and ViViD). The main problem was the arrangement that sounded anison real quickly but thankfully by the time I notice it I’m already loving the song and damn it’s so catchy. The great thing about the song is that May’n makes me focus on the song. May’n made me love this song and is now a favorite for me from her actual discography.

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May’n – ViViD



  1. ViViD
  2. Wild Rose


The song for me is so different than the usual serious May’n and I like that. The song just goes as enjoy-the-ride style, and the flow is so fun during the chorus, with “baby baby no limit”. The thing that may not match is that is the opening for Blood Lad, and sounds odd, but brings the funny things of it. I can hear that May’n is just enjoying singing and having fun during the song/video. The vocals are good, nothing spectacular, but I think it’s because of the style of the song. It still has that rock nature that her music uses, For me is her best A-side for this era (unless the digital singles count, then the things change). Nevertheless, great A-side. Continue reading