Best of 2014 – Singles (A-Sides)

This is the 2nd part of the post which focuses on the singles:

So let’s continue:

Best A-side

The ones who almost made it:
  • Goose House – Oto no Naru Hou He
  • yanaginagi – Mitsuba no Musubime
  • la la larks- ego-izm

Oto no naru hou hemitsuba no musubimeegoizm

These songs were close but didn’t because the top 5 was even better. Oto no Naru Hou He was an amazing introduction to the band for some, but for me was the second single I heard and the song was of great quality and the rhythm was something unusual for anison, but nailed it and became a way to introduce this great band to the anime world. Mitsuba no musubime was her best A-side of the era and I love this song with its beautiful arrangement and nagi’s gorgeous vocals, definitely something that is worth. And finally ego-izm from la la larks was their debut as a band and their A-side was really amazing, keeping their sfp sound and bringing more to the table.

Top 5

5th place

fhána – Hoshikuzu no Interlude

hoshikuzu no interlude

Yeah, fhána entered the top because I thought their previous A-side was their best competing with que sera sera, but this one took their sound to another level and with a brighter and fun sound. Everything about the song is amazing and worth to mention. I think this was the type of song I was waiting from them to release and I wasn’t disappointed.

4th place

Konomi Suzuki – This game

this game

For Konomi to release great singles after her first album, was something unexpected considering some of her last singles in the last era. But this game was a great song, the tie-in for NG;NL worked really well being anison but in a different approach with the fast lyrics and that catchy chorus. One of her best A-sides until now.

3rd place

Choucho – Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe

Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe

Considering that I don’t review her is quite odd to include her, but then again I couldn’t get it out of my head the last year (and still this year). Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe for me is now Choucho’s best song by far considering that it stays away from the usual anison sound she has for most anime songs. Acoustic guitar and more instruments that portray the summer setting, it’s just too lovely and perfect for her and worked so good. I’d like more songs from her like this.

2nd place

Nana Mizuki – Kindan no Resistance

kindan no resistance

Obviously Nana had to be at the top, with only 1 single in the year, she released a powerful song. Kindan no Resistance returns to her usual sound but with some twists that makes the song so enjoyable. And considering that she’s releasing more in 2015, I hope she will release even better songs.

1st place

Goose House – Hikaru Nara

hikaru nara

Well, Goose House tried to take all the tops of singles (considering no album at 2014 from them) and with good reasons, their 2 singles were really powerful but there was no debate that Hikaru Nara was my favorite A-side from last year. As a tie-in it gave more feeling to the song. The vocals from the band are powerful as this is a more serious song and the arrangement helps to keep that feeling. I hope they give us more news for music in 2015 🙂

So what are your thoughts? Do you have another A-side you like from 2014?

Please comment your thoughts 🙂


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