New Artists for Review

This is just a post about some new artists that I will review from now on



I wanted to include her since the beginning, but at the time she didn’t had any release soon, so I thought it will take a while as the time after she released Himekanvas and then moved into 5pb label. But now she released a new single and makes me want to review her.

Just a quick introduction to her.

As the winner of the 2nd Anison Grand Prix, this canadian singer started her career with Asu e no Kizuna her first single and then continue to release some great songs. Then she moved into 5pb where she has released two singles: Where I belong and  Kagiru Aru Yume, where are the ones I’ll review. So check her out.



One of the first projects from Yuki Kajiura. This band consists of her and other 4 members (Keiko and Wakana from Kalafina, Kaori Oda and Yuriko Kaida, and ocasionally Yuuka from her other project FictionJunction YUUKA). This band releases less than Kalafina for obvious reasons, but this powerhouse has all the correct elements to be pure epic. They have announced a new album called elemental for January including all the songs from their last 4 singles plus new songs, so for this case, I will try to review the latest single eternal blue / distance.

-Suzuko Mimori


Being a seiyuu as well and member from μ’s was already cool, but then a couple of months ago I found out she was already a solo artist with by the time 2 singles and that freak me out, and now she has released a new one that serves as the OP of Outbreak Company and as I did enjoy that one, I will review that single Univer Page (Uniba, I don’t know which is right :/) and then hope she releases more. Continue reading