yanaginagi – Harumodoki


  1. Harumodoki (春擬き)
  2. Rinshi Mokuhyou Hon (鱗翅目標本)
  3. Harumodoki -Instrumental-
  4. Rinshi Mokuhyou Hon -Instrumental-

Harumodoki (春擬き)

I was so glad that she continued the tie-in for Oregairu for the 2nd season. This continues the anison vibe, but I really like the drastic strings at the beginning and I’m also fascinated with how nagi managed her voice during verses but mostly at the chorus. The strings here were one my favorite part because how they were shown during the song. I think this song works even better watching the opening because it mixes so well. I think she chose a great song as a followup for her 2nd album. A definitely good song and I even like it more than Yukitoki 🙂 Continue reading


yanaginagi – Tokohana


  1. Tokohana (トコハナ)
  2. Wasurenai Tame Ni (忘れない為に)
  3. Crossroad (クロスロード)
  4. Tokohana (Instrumental)
  5. Wasurenai Tame Ni (Instrumental)
  6. Crossroad (Instrumental)

Tokohana (トコハナ)

I was really excited with the song thanks to the chanting but quickly turns to a rocking sound mixing some string because why not. That’s when Nagi kicks things off and makes the song hers just being awesome and dramatic where it should in the last lines before the chorus. I really like how dramatic nagi tries to be in the last lines of verses plus the chorus because the song even if it resembles Laterality and Zoetrope they are more epic those two, but this one tries a little different route to make it awesome in its way. The song really works for me but mostly because of Nagi and the chorus, then again if the chanting could have been predominant for the song, this song would be damn epic. But still a good A-side.

Wasurenai Tame Ni (忘れない為に)

I’m always glad when Nagi uses one of her self composed songs in the singles (and album) because that’s where her talent surprises me even more.  This one begins with piano followed by Nagi but with some weird sounds added to make it more like a nagi song, later on the drums start to appear to bring more color or variation into the song, and then the strings as well show up, but thankfully they work good here. The song works really damn good because I’m entranced by the song and the sweet vocals of Nagi (like always). I really liked this one even more than tokohana by a long shot. Continue reading

yanaginagi – Mitsuba no Musubime

mitsuba no musubime


  1. Mitsuba no Musubime
  2. Intention Propellant
  3. unjour
  4. Mitsuba no Musubime (Instrumental)
  5. Intention Propellant (Instrumental)
  6. unjour (Instrumental)

Mitsuba no Musubime

Mitsuba is quite different using strings, synths and piano if we compare it to Aqua Terrarium. After this short intro it continues slowly building itself to become bigger in sound changing the sound of strings or piano and just makes the song so lovely. And once we reach the chorus, I totally fell in love with it, the chorus is so catchy and beautiful and her vocals were just good like always.  As Alex mentioned there is a change of  instrumentation at the verses, I notice that it change for the 2nd one and was something good to keep you focus and that’s one thing I like in her songs, the instrumentation. When I saw the ED I wasn’t too fond of the song, but that change quickly after I heard the preview at her webpage and it was just awesome. It may not contain the same feeling as Aqua Terrarium but this song was definitely a great followup and just confirms Nagi is amazing as a singer. Continue reading

Concept Album – Owari no Wakusei no Love Song

There was this album that I really like and wanted to let you know of it. But as it is quite hard to review, it is better if I explain what the album is about.

owari no wakusei

Owari no Wakusei no Love Song

Jun Maeda x yanaginagi

This is an interesting take of a concept album from one of the members of Key(known for making us cry until we don’t have tears left) which is Jun Maeda, this time she used yanaginagi as the voice for all the songs of this album. Each song on this album represents a story tell from the point of view of one the characters of the story. Even if some of them are really weird in the base story, each song leaves you with a sad feeling after reading the lyrics. So in this case there are 13 songs (I consider 12 of them as real songs). And so I will try to explain a little about what each song is trying to tell.

This will be only a brief explanation of each song as the first time I tried to write it, it went too long for only one song, and besides this is so you can look the lyrics of the songs and see what the whole song is about. Continue reading

yanaginagi – Aqua Terrarium

aqua terrarium


  1. Aqua Terrarium
  2. mnemonic
  3. You can count on me

Aqua Terrarium

Those “hii hii” as intro combined with the sweet guitar was just so soothing for the anime theme. Once this is finished we can hear Nagi’s soft voice that serves really well, as the arrangement is so relaxing and peaceful. The arrangement consists mostly of acoustic guitar,  perfect vocals from Nagi with help from the backing vocals “hii hii”. I think the whole song has the perfect flow and doesn’t try to do more than it should which is good. I can’t decide between chorus or verses as my favorite part so that settles it as the whole song is really good. Another great thing about the song is that it really stands out from her other A-sides as it is the most simple and that simplicity is what makes it stand out. I think she nailed it again (as her previous 5 A-sides) and got another perfect A-side. Continue reading

yanaginagi – Euaru



  1. Hontou
  2. Yukitoki
  3. Ao no Parade
  4. concent
  5. helvetica
  6. Ambivalentidea
  7. euaru
  8. Zoetrope
  9. Laterality
  10. Strange Attractor
  11. Qualia
  12. Traslucent
  13. Vidro Moyou
  14. Uso


The first track, and is instrumental but the main thing is that is all done by Nagi (composition and arrangement). Is so calm and soothing as an introduction. It really describes Nagi’s sound with all the sounds that are in it. I think it could have been easily a full vocal track, because the arrangement seems like it. Even so is a very good introduction to the album.


Then the last single begins and the sound is clearly anison but fills the room with the cuteness and happiness because that’s what this song appears like. I like Nagi’s vocals and how she changes in each part of the song the emotion to a more beautiful description denoted in the chorus, which is the part that I most love. I don’t know why but I really loved the song, even if the arrangement is common as anison, the way Nagi sings it made me think it as a different tune. The strings were great in the sections needed, and even the guitar was so cool in the solo. Ever since announced as single, I had some kind of bias and I consider it my favorite song from the singles, but then again, all the singles were cool. A great track for me, and changes the way is Nagi normally perceived, I don’t mind the anison sound.

Ao no Parade

The cuteness still persists with the next track but so different as this song feels so fresh and so different from the previous track, this song can be described as cute, because of the arrangement and Nagi’s vocals. But then the song starts to change with the chorus as the sound starts to expand and being more fun to hear. The way the song flows makes me imagine I’m in a type of park or parade where I enjoy every part of it and just makes me want to dance along. The strings and drums were so cool during the whole song and made me think this is so new for her as well. Clearly the arrangement was intended that way and made me love it, but I still prefer Yukitoki. Continue reading