Kaori Mochida – manu a manu

manu a manu


  1. manu a manu
  2. Megumi
  4. Utsukushiki Uruwashiki Hibi
  5. Ame Ha Tsurezure Ni
  6. Yasashiku Naretara
  7. tokyo hotaru
  8. state of mind
  9. Kanashii Toki Mo Ureshii Toki Mo
  10. to -album version-
  11. Yoake

manu a manu

This song is so weird, it reminds of Transient from sfp, the slow voice and minimal arrangement makes it stand out in Kaori’s discography, as well that distortion of her voice was cool. Even though the song was strange, I still like, the downside is that is too short.


Then Megumi comes in, and makes you feel that the day begins and it will be good. I like how Kaori makes the song entertaining and funny when singing. The constant drum and piano was good to make that feel of enjoying under the sun. I didn’t heard the single when released, but I think it was a good choice to represent the album. I really like the piano parts that makes some twists in the sound, as well the drums. The song continues with the same flow, and may bore some, but I still like it. Good song.


This song begins and I don’t know what to say about it, reminds me the songs from NIU or even to moca. But then after the weirdness of the first part, the chorus comes, and it compensates with some background male vocals and the song starts to be more enjoyable. The drums in some parts were unnecessary, and others nail it. The interlude was so cool, and interesting I didn’t saw that coming. And we return to the same sound from the song. But when you come from Megumi, this song doesn’t surprise me that much, but I can still enjoy it, and I may give it more listens because of the chorus and interlude. Continue reading