comet lucifer

  1. COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)
  2. c.A.T.
  3. COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)
  4. c.A.T. – Instrumental-

COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)

I’m so sad that I lost hope on fhána for no reason at all. I mean the album was great and all but then lost their track. But it was this track that brought my attention back to them. The rhtyhm really works and blends fabulous with the OP, and I was fascinated with towana’s voice because she made me love the song more. I mean the arrangement doesn’t stay quiet and just brings more and more variety. Everything about the song is perfect, towana’s voice; also mixed with keyboard’s vocals. I need to pay more attention to the arrangement because I think there’s more to it that I haven’t heard really well. But still this song rocks, and is one of my favorites of the year. Continue reading


fhána – Hoshikuzu no Interlude

hoshikuzu no interlude

  1. Hoshikuzu no Interlude (星屑のインターリュード)
  2. Sorairo Picture (ソライロぴクチャー)
  3. Hoshikuzu no Interlude (星屑のインターリュード) [Avec Avec “twilight town” Remix]
  4. Hoshikuzu no Interlude (星屑のインターリュード) [Instrumental]
  5. Sorairo Picture (ソライロピクチャー) [Instrumental]

Hoshikuzu no Interlude (星屑のインターリュード)

Another single from fhána (thankfully an album was anounced, yay!) and frankly this was really refreshing because it’s just pure fun noted at the arrangement and the way the song flows. I quickly fell in love with it, because the chorus was so fun and joyful. And also because the song stays away from the anison sound we are hearing normally. Obviously it has strings, but quickly forgotten thanks to the other rhythms found at the song. What I didn’t expect was the song to be long at passing 6 mins. Still, that last minute instrumental part was cool and unexpected. One of their best A-sides if not the best.

Sorairo Picture (ソライロぴクチャー)

Wow, that intro of the song is so cool, the piano and guitar giving this cool vibe that is giving hopes for this song. Then the song becomes one of their usual songs or at least their essence and adding at twist to make things more unexpected. The chorus was different than what I imagined, and made me like it more. The guitar was the best part for me, because it was adapting different roles at verses and at chorus. One cool B-side

Is it worth listening? Yes!!

The A-side was really cool and if you combine with the animation of the anime ending, is pure fun all the way. The song was going for something they hadn’t tried before which was having fun with the song and not going for dramatic or anison sound. Even if the song was long, it is worth it. The B-side was more leaning towards rocking sound, but keeping fhana’s sound. An amazing single which will be at the new album (less new songs I can notice).

fhána – Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai

itsuka no

  1.  Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai (いつかの, いくつかのきみとのせかい)
  3. Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai (Galileo Galilei “dog bass” Remix)
  4. Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai (Instrumental)
  5. ARE YOU SLEEPING? (Instrumental)

Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai (いつかの, いくつかのきみとのせかい)

I was so fascinated with this song once the opening aired and I’m glad it follow a calmer route than the previous 2. I feel some “Que sera sera” vibes all over the song but having a more anison sound, but the cheerful sound makes up for it. I love the piano at the beginning and after finishing the chorus. About towana I think she does her job great as well, because she keeps me interested all the way, which has worked in her previous singles as well. But the way they handled the middle section was really cool building more tension (at least for me) and mixing some dude’s voice as well at some parts like a type of conversation. This song works even better if you see the opening because the colors of the characters and the way they are shown makes it even better. This was another amazing song.


Considering that all B-sides have been quite different I knew this was going to happen as well. But I didn’t know this was going to be slower, but the way they manage the song with the arrangement was really cool at the verses because the sound at the back was making the song a little creepy and working really good with how towana was singing, but the chorus was really happier and kinda ruined the mood, but still safe. But one of the good things about this song is that it sounds like something like Spangle Call Lilli Line would do in one of their eras and I think that’s what made me like the song more. The song being so different from what they do normally really made me glad they try different things sometimes, but I’m still unsure of the chorus. Continue reading

fhána – Que sera sera

que sera sera


  1. Que sera sera
  2. Kimi to iu tokui ten [Singular You]
  3. Que sera sera (Instrumental)
  4. Kimi to iu tokui-ten [Singular You] (Instrumental)

Que sera sera

This is the most calm song from their short repertoire (I just noticed), and also towana is singing in a more comfortable or calm tone. One thing I notice is that this song doesn’t have that anison vibe like their other songs, and that’s something cool if this is your single that starts your career with Lantis. The song combines the instruments of drums, strings way at the back, some xylophone (as always) and more to make the song really joyful and catchy. There is something in the song that makes me like it a lot, and I don’t know if it’s towana singing really cool or mixing that with the clever arrangement, but I’m leaning more over her vocals as she tried some high notes at some parts and I was amazed by it. Definitely is an amazing song and just showed that they will continue with great songs. Continue reading

fhána – tiny lamp

tiny lamp


  1. tiny lamp
  2. Hajimari no Sayonara
  3. tiny lamp (fu_mou “faded memories” Remix)
  4. tiny lamp – Instrumental –
  5. Hajimari no Sayonara – Instrumental –

tiny lamp

The song starts with a normal anison carrying a more cute sound, but this changes once the rocking sound appears and changes the flow a little. towana (the singer) makes the song more entertaining and brings more life to the song, which is something she did as well in her other single. The chorus once again wins me over and is just so catchy for me. I’m not sure if there is some xylophone over the song, because after several listens for divine intervention I notice it, and hear it sounds as well, but I think there is because one of the members plays several instruments. And once the middle 8 appears, the sound changed a little and was good. I’m still not sure if the band itself made the arrangement and compose, and considering that over their work, I see that they made songs for Choucho. Still what they did was a really good catchy anisong. Not sure if as good as divine intervention but I like it. Continue reading

fhána – divine intervention

divine intervention


  1. divine intervention
  2. innocent field
  3. divine intervention (The LASTTRAK “Firestarter” Remix)
  4. divine intervention – Instrumental –
  5. innocent field – Instrumental –

divine intervention

This song was the first one I heard from the band and I was impressed thanks to the synths reminding me of school food punishment, but that changes thanks to the vocals as it’s quite different from Yumi of said band. The arrangement consists of the synths combined with strings at the back and some drums which makes it escape the song from the usual anison route (tiny lamp sounds more like that). The verses sound so cool and controlled I mean it keeps the same sound except the strings which change accordingly. Another cool thing about it is the vocalist, there’s something about her that I really like and makes me think she fits for the song. Then what to mention about the chorus which is my favorite part of the song, and definitely bring the best of it. This is an amazing song and I can’t stop listening to it. Continue reading