la la larks – ego-izm


  1. ego-izm
  2. end of refrain
  3. earworm
  4. ego-zim (Off Vocal)
  5. end of refrain (Off Vocal)


We start with one song I was really happy to hear once it leaked as it’s from la la larks, one of the results of sfp disbanding with Yumi as vocals again. So when ego-izm appeared I was thrilled and wanted to know if the song will have a SFP vibe and boy it does. The song includes the usual set of instruments (guitar, piano, drums and why not, strings) but focusing more on the band set than the strings. I like how the sound changes after each chorus because the song becomes quicker, doesnt’ make pauses as before and that’s cool. Obviously I love Yumi when she sings and I adore her here as well, she makes the song more dramatic. At the end is where the song becomes epic (more than it already is), by having the usual weird sounds we love from SFP. This was an awesome way to start their official career (demos won’t count for this) with this 1st single. Continue reading