KOKIA – Fairy Dance ~KOKIA Meets Ireland~

fairy dance

  1. Lydia ~Fairy Dance~
  2. song of poochong ~Shizuku no Uta
  3. Kanashikute Yari Kirenai
  4. Black is the Colour
  5. Soshuu Yakyoku
  6. Siuil a Ruin
  7. Sono Mama de ~ be as you are
  8. Taimse im’ Chodhadh

Lydia ~Fairy Dance~

Similar as Ave Maria this one focuses on the exquisite vocals of KOKIA(Maybe they are lyrics must sounds similar to what she did in Ave Maria, so I’m not sure). The one keeps a simple sound from the guitar, but more instruments merge so well that it becomes so lovely, and make KOKIA’s voice be more notorious. This passes to a new sound where the Irish setting appears and makes the song even better, then it has the long notes from her and I was amazed with this. The final piece of the song sounds more as a demostration of the sound that will continue in the next songs. An amazing song that starts the album, and I obviously love it.

song of poochong ~Shizuku no Uta

This one has a different take than the one from “The voice”, and you can easily notice that the change is obviously to make the song have that irish sound that makes the song better comparing it to its previous version. KOKIA’s vocals are more childish and playful than the other song, but strangely it works so well. The middle section sounds so cool, because I remember the vide playing it live, and they had Irish dancers doing the dance, and was so cool.  This one has definitely Irish all over it, which makes the song more fitting for the album.

Kanashikute Yari Kirenai

The guitar intro was so calm and beautiful, mixing it slowly with the Irish theme. Until the song opens itself and become embraced by KOKIA perfect vocals (you’ll listen this a lot). The strings and some flute made the song get more life and variety. The song doesn’t increase in sound but that doesn’t mean it won’t keep you entertained, KOKIA tries different things to make you stay in the song, as well the flute (which sounds amazing). You definitely need to listen this one as well. Continue reading


KOKIA – Believe in the Spirit

rise of mana

  1. Believe in the spirit
  2. Believe in the spirit (Instrumental)

Believe in the spirit

This song comes included in the OST of Rise of Mana, so I said: “Why not review something of KOKIA, she was missed during her time off”. And I know that every time she does something for a game, it turns out something epic or mysterious. So when I heard the title I was expecting something mysterious and thank god it is. The chant sounds so her and reminds me her pieces or REAL WORLD album. The rhythm is similar to Road to glory, the downside is that it doesn’t transform into something bigger in sound, but that’s okay because I’m pleased with how the song is and the chant made the song beautiful. I love how KOKIA sings in this one (and every time she sings) and I totally love how she expresses herself with those marvelous vocals. This is definitely a followup from Kioku no Hikari, and I love it!!!

Is it worth listening? Yes!

I know I haven’t reviewed that much of KOKIA, but she’s definitely worth it. Her voice is like an angel’s voice combined with those intriguing arrangements (this applies only for the songs for games or animes), but  also in her normal songs. This one doesn’t stay away from the sound she is trying since her last singles and works perfectly because it sounds so mysterious, enchanting and perfect for her vocals. I hope she releases something new shortly, because she will surprise me again.

KOKIA – pieces


This is an outwork collection as it mentions but it has the singles she did for anime themes, so I would review it 😛


  1. KARMA
  2. Insonnia
  3. Transparent
  4. Chinmoku
  5. Fate
  6. Womoi
  7. Nageki no Oto
  8. Koto no ha
  9. Anata no Deatte
  10. Road to glory 〜for Dragon Nest White Version
  13. Hikari no Naka ni


We start with KARMA with from the beginning just screams epic. The calm sound after the chanting sounds really mysterious, and intrigues me all the way as KOKIA starts to capture my attention with her incredible voice. Once the verses enter, we can hear some type of ad-libbing that makes the transition for the last lines of the chorus (if that’s what you can call a chorus). KOKIA you are doing it again, using your vocals to trap me again xD. There is something so dark in the song in every part of it, and how those particular changes in some parts of the arrangement are so incredible. This is just a song done so well and it’s really outstanding for KOKIA. This is an incredible way to start the album.


And just so you know, the first 6 songs are in the same sequence (A-side, B-side) for the 3 singles she released related to anime themes (Requiem for the Phantom, Broken Blade), and now it’s the turn for the B-side of KARMA, which is the total opposite because it’s so relaxing and calm and also we get to hear KOKIA singing in italian, which is so amazing. The song is so simple and the arrangement is almost not there because you focus more on her vocals. But after a while, another voice join her in a more operatic style combining the 2 vocals and just become something that really stands out more than other parts of the song. This song can lead you to sleep, so it’s better to listen it fully awake, but this song is amazing nevertheless. Continue reading

KOKIA – Kioku no Hikari

kioku no hikari


  1. Kioku no Hikari
  2. Where to go my love? (single version)

Kioku no Hikari

Now this is an exciting song from KOKIA. When they made an awesome intro, you expect the whole song will be epic, and I was correct! Now this is KOKIA going to the rhyhtm structure like Road to glory, where everything starts slow and once more instruments join the song, the color just expands in the song. Adding the expressive vocals from KOKIA and you have epic easily. I really love the arrangement as it could easily enter REAL WORLD album, those ad libbing were to die for, I mean it was so amazing. The continuing march-like sound was reminding me of Fate and that was cool, and having that instrumental break was perfect to build the song more. What’s there more to say about the song. KOKIA + epic arrangement = EPIC PERFECT. Continue reading

KOKIA – New Day, New Life

new day new life


  1. New Day, New Life
  2. Life ~Seimei no Hibiki~

New Day, New Life

A lively song from KOKIA, that is so unexpected but awesome. The sense of hope and happiness is perceived in every part of the song. I love the ad libbing of KOKIA, she does it so easily, and yet so perfect. I have always loved KOKIA’s voice, and this song portrays that, even if it’s not KOKIA’s standard, this is just as good, and she should try this type of sound more often, than epic ballads (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The overlay is well noticed but doesn’t damage the song. Great A-side. Continue reading