Kalafina – believe


  1. believe
  2. in every nothing
  3. lapis
  4. believe -TV Size-


If I expected something strong from Kalafina was because of the tie-in. I always loved their tie-ins for Type Moon works. But this was the first one I consider normal, even for Kajiura standards this sounded like a copy of her previous song, and what brought variety was the verses which I think were the best part of the song. Just imagine heavenly blue with a little tweaks and you get believe. Still I am able to listen it several times, so something makes it work.

in every nothing

Now this opened really mysteriously and I adore those types of song from the band because they are so perfect. It sounded so chilly and stunning, and how it gets better…with Hikaru as the lead vocals for the verses and the chorus mixed with Wakana that brings more energy to the song. I loved the instrumental part after the chorus because it seems like a competition between vocals and arrangement to see who stands out more. But both parts are really strong and complement each other really well. And after reading several thoughts of the song I totally see this song at Red album era, with the dark setting. Just outstanding, and one of their recent best songs.


I was so happy hearing Keiko as the vocals for this song, because it is a ballad, but like a lullaby style which changes the usual sound from their normal ballads. I love the whisperings that appear frequently to give a better impression. I think this technique was in her older songs but here worked also amazingly. The contrast here was the electric guitar used to place a uniqueness factor and make it stand out even more. I really loved this simple arrangement but powered up with Keiko to make it a really memorable song. Definitely check it out as well.

Is it worth listening? Yes

I really loved in general the single of believe. The A-side was normal material from Kajiura which I think it’s just good but could’ve been better. But the real highlight comes from the B-sides which have a lot of potential as A-side themselves but show the normal sides from Kalafina but with a little twist in some parts. The great thing is that because FSN is in two parts, we get a second ending from Kalafina so I’ll check that one too.


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