Perfume – LEVEL3



  1. Enter the Sphere
  2. Spring of life (Album-mix)
  3. Magic of Love (Album-mix)
  4. Clockwork
  5. 1mm
  6. Mirai no Museum
  7. Party Maker
  8. Furikaeru to Iru yo
  9. Point
  10. Daijobanai
  11. Handy Man
  12. Sleeping Beauty
  13. Spending all my time (Album-mix)
  14. Dream Land

Enter the sphere

Thanks for this long intro. We can notice Nakata signature in the song and sounds so similar to “edge”. The song keeps  the main sound adding some changes here and there. It takes some time but then we can hear the girls singing and sounds so cool. I think it sounded really cool that he tried something risky as edge and it really worked as intro, I was really enjoying every part of the song and even if the lines were few, I thank that they included at least some lines, otherwise it will change my perspective of this intro, even if it was still awesome without them. A great intro compared to the one from JPN album if I must say.

Spring of Life – Album Mix-

I didn’t expected more album mix in the album (not this one) considering the other A-side, he did them for all except the one I thought it needed one. Even so the intro for this one changes a lot from the original, some tribal sound similar to the one used for Capsule, and slowly gives us the normal sound of Spring of Life, but oddly enough this serves as good intro for the song, as the constant beat that it uses after the tribal one, is so cool. Then the girls enter with the same chorus as they did normally, except the song doesn’t follow the same structure in some parts and is odd but appreciated. After this particular changes, the song remains the same as the original, but once the original part ended, we return to the beats of the song and finishing with the tribal sound of the beginning. The album mix was really cool and made me love the song more than I already did.

Magic of Love -Album Mix-

The intro as well for this one changed (it deserved one). But I’m not liking they mix the vocals with this intro. I think the vocals a little different from the original, and it’s maybe due to the arrangement, as well this one sounded a lot like a KPP song, but not so sugary. But my problem with the song is how the arrangement overlays the vocals from the trio and it was something I really appreciated from the original one. Thankfully the original sound was kept in the song, and that pseudo sugary arrange was just added in it (Reminds me a lot to what he did with Glitter ¬¬). This is one of those songs that didn’t need a change, still a cool song. That piano part at the end was so random. Continue reading


Perfume – Magic of Love

magic of love


  1. Magic of Love
  2. Handy Man

Magic of Love

This song is sooooo catchy. I mean the song uses the same types of rhythm we know Perfume uses all the time, so it’s a bit unoriginal, but even so, it’s real good. It has a like a combination from Fushizen na Girl and another fun song that I can’ remember now, may be Natural ni Koishite but I’m not sure. The chorus is so fun and makes you dance as well. The girls sing so lively except the verses, but I love all the solos even so. I think they just wanted to have fun with this song and they did it so easily, and I think that was what Nakata wanted. I can hear the beats from Laser Beam in it and the rhythm of the verses as mentioned like Fushizen Na Girl. A great A-side but not better than Spending all my time.

Handy Man Continue reading

Perfume – Spending all my time



  1. Spending all my time
  2. Point
  3. Hurly Burly

Spending all my time

This repetitive song like Take me Take me was unexpected for many, but I think because of the global concept they tried to do an all-english song that can be catchy and popular. The beats sound great and I think the arrangement was cool (thanks Nakata), and combining it with that chorus that makes you wanna dance, I think they made another instant hit with this song, even if there aren’t many solos as we wish. And now that I saw more from the dance of the song, I gotta say it is also awesome. The length of the song isn’t bad either as the flow of the song just takes you easily to enjoy and dance. Unexpected but good A-side.

Point Continue reading