KOKIA – Believe in the Spirit

rise of mana

  1. Believe in the spirit
  2. Believe in the spirit (Instrumental)

Believe in the spirit

This song comes included in the OST of Rise of Mana, so I said: “Why not review something of KOKIA, she was missed during her time off”. And I know that every time she does something for a game, it turns out something epic or mysterious. So when I heard the title I was expecting something mysterious and thank god it is. The chant sounds so her and reminds me her pieces or REAL WORLD album. The rhythm is similar to Road to glory, the downside is that it doesn’t transform into something bigger in sound, but that’s okay because I’m pleased with how the song is and the chant made the song beautiful. I love how KOKIA sings in this one (and every time she sings) and I totally love how she expresses herself with those marvelous vocals. This is definitely a followup from Kioku no Hikari, and I love it!!!

Is it worth listening? Yes!

I know I haven’t reviewed that much of KOKIA, but she’s definitely worth it. Her voice is like an angel’s voice combined with those intriguing arrangements (this applies only for the songs for games or animes), but  also in her normal songs. This one doesn’t stay away from the sound she is trying since her last singles and works perfectly because it sounds so mysterious, enchanting and perfect for her vocals. I hope she releases something new shortly, because she will surprise me again.


2 thoughts on “KOKIA – Believe in the Spirit

  1. her best album will always be Remember Me ^_^ in my opinion… her vocals are just soo free, so exciting and not restrained! something she lacks in the recent years….. i miss the old kokia T_T Anshin No Naka will always be my favorite!

    • In my case my favorite one is pieces or The Voice and even Kokia akiko balance. We all love kokia for her vocals. I miss her old album style. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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