comet lucifer

  1. COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)
  2. c.A.T.
  3. COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)
  4. c.A.T. – Instrumental-

COMET LUCIFER ~The Seed and the Sower~ (コメットルシファー~The Seed and the Sower~)

I’m so sad that I lost hope on fhána for no reason at all. I mean the album was great and all but then lost their track. But it was this track that brought my attention back to them. The rhtyhm really works and blends fabulous with the OP, and I was fascinated with towana’s voice because she made me love the song more. I mean the arrangement doesn’t stay quiet and just brings more and more variety. Everything about the song is perfect, towana’s voice; also mixed with keyboard’s vocals. I need to pay more attention to the arrangement because I think there’s more to it that I haven’t heard really well. But still this song rocks, and is one of my favorites of the year. Continue reading


Minori Chihara – Mukaikaze ni Utarenagara


  1. Mukaikaze ni Utarenagara (向かい風に打たれながら)
  3. Mukaikaze ni Utarenagara (Off Vocal)

Mukaikaze ni Utarenagara (向かい風に打たれながら)

I really liked that she tried something more powerful in the form of rock sound. She is trying this since her last single, and I don’t mind, but the main problem can be found at how she uses her vocals in these types of songs. This one at least is enjoyable thanks to the energy of the guitars and Minorin sounds cool at the chorus, but the verses are also cool in its way. I like how it is so different from her other songs (although it shares a little of similarity with NO LINE) and shows that she can rock and works even better than FOOL THE WORLD. For me this was a really good song although I’m not liking that much that all her singles are tie-ins.


Then this happened, the sound made me understand this was going to be one of those songs with her high pitch vocals, it reminds me to some of those from NEO FANTASIA (the crappy ones) and obviously I’m not liking it as you should expect. The song carries a fantasy like style in the arrangement and I like that even if the instruments are common make this variation of sound (I remembered that it sounds like TOON-GO-ROUND). these are the types of songs I know she makes a lot, but I’m hoping she tries to do less of them and bring some amazing songs in the future.

Is it worth listening? Only the A-side

The single surprised me with another rock song for the A-side which was really good but I want her to have a more synthy song again just like before. But then B-side ruined the single with that high pitch voice and I didn’t like it, but as always she releases this type of songs all the time so I’m used to it, but she should change that aspect or return to an era similar to her first ones.


yanaginagi – Tokohana


  1. Tokohana (トコハナ)
  2. Wasurenai Tame Ni (忘れない為に)
  3. Crossroad (クロスロード)
  4. Tokohana (Instrumental)
  5. Wasurenai Tame Ni (Instrumental)
  6. Crossroad (Instrumental)

Tokohana (トコハナ)

I was really excited with the song thanks to the chanting but quickly turns to a rocking sound mixing some string because why not. That’s when Nagi kicks things off and makes the song hers just being awesome and dramatic where it should in the last lines before the chorus. I really like how dramatic nagi tries to be in the last lines of verses plus the chorus because the song even if it resembles Laterality and Zoetrope they are more epic those two, but this one tries a little different route to make it awesome in its way. The song really works for me but mostly because of Nagi and the chorus, then again if the chanting could have been predominant for the song, this song would be damn epic. But still a good A-side.

Wasurenai Tame Ni (忘れない為に)

I’m always glad when Nagi uses one of her self composed songs in the singles (and album) because that’s where her talent surprises me even more.  This one begins with piano followed by Nagi but with some weird sounds added to make it more like a nagi song, later on the drums start to appear to bring more color or variation into the song, and then the strings as well show up, but thankfully they work good here. The song works really damn good because I’m entranced by the song and the sweet vocals of Nagi (like always). I really liked this one even more than tokohana by a long shot. Continue reading

fhána – Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai

itsuka no

  1.  Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai (いつかの, いくつかのきみとのせかい)
  3. Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai (Galileo Galilei “dog bass” Remix)
  4. Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai (Instrumental)
  5. ARE YOU SLEEPING? (Instrumental)

Itsuka no, Ikutsuka no Kimi to no Sekai (いつかの, いくつかのきみとのせかい)

I was so fascinated with this song once the opening aired and I’m glad it follow a calmer route than the previous 2. I feel some “Que sera sera” vibes all over the song but having a more anison sound, but the cheerful sound makes up for it. I love the piano at the beginning and after finishing the chorus. About towana I think she does her job great as well, because she keeps me interested all the way, which has worked in her previous singles as well. But the way they handled the middle section was really cool building more tension (at least for me) and mixing some dude’s voice as well at some parts like a type of conversation. This song works even better if you see the opening because the colors of the characters and the way they are shown makes it even better. This was another amazing song.


Considering that all B-sides have been quite different I knew this was going to happen as well. But I didn’t know this was going to be slower, but the way they manage the song with the arrangement was really cool at the verses because the sound at the back was making the song a little creepy and working really good with how towana was singing, but the chorus was really happier and kinda ruined the mood, but still safe. But one of the good things about this song is that it sounds like something like Spangle Call Lilli Line would do in one of their eras and I think that’s what made me like the song more. The song being so different from what they do normally really made me glad they try different things sometimes, but I’m still unsure of the chorus. Continue reading

Konomi Suzuki – This game

this game


  1. This game
  2. Delighting
  3. Cyber Thunder Cider ( サイバーサンダーサイダー)
  4. This game (Instrumental)
  5. Delighting (Instrumental)

This game

My first post for Konomi ^o^. And so, I wanted to start with her recent single “this game”. This song carries the anison roots in it mixed with some drums and constant guitars noticed mostly at the first part of the verses, but also has some piano which makes the song more entertaining and refreshing. I like how she sings the fast part before the chorus, at first I wasn’t sure but then I listen to it more and more, until I like it. But the chorus for me is the blast with the  strings combined with the piano to deliver an incredible and catchy song part of the song. Also another thing I notice was her voice. I’m not sure but I notice her voice little different from her previous songs, not that is bad, but it got my attention. Still this is an awesome song.


I was liking the whole feeling of the arrangement with its electronic beat catchiness but then Konomi starts singing which sounded a lot like another “this game” why??? I don’t want another version of the song with different lyrics and the arrangement, but keeping the same essence of the other song. I wanted a brand new song, not trying a different version of the A-side, so maybe others will like it, but I wanted something different. Continue reading

μ’s – Donna toki mo Zutto

donna toki mo zutto

  1. Donna toki mo Zutto (どんなときもずっと)
  3. Donna toki mo Zutto (Off Vocal)
  4. COLORFUL VOICE (Off Vocal)

Donna toki mo Zutto (どんなときもずっと)

The ending of the anime also works really well if we remind the previous one, and this one tries a similar feeling to imagine the same scenario but even better. The verses are faster and the feeling given appears since the beginning, so when you reach the chorus you’re already entranced by the song and if you watch the ending you will be fascinated by Rin again (those maracas D:). The song works really well using the anison sound but trying something different with the verses to make it more diverse even if it’s still anison. I think both endings at the moment are at the same level. Is definitely another amazing song for the anime. I wish to have the individual versions that were for each episode. Continue reading

μ’s – Sore ha Bokutachi no Kiseki

sore ha bokutachi no kiseki

 *Kayo-chin is in the center, yes she is  ^o^

  1. Sore ha Bokutachi no Kiseki (それは僕たちの奇跡)
  2. Datte Datte aa Mujou (だってだって噫無情)
  3. Sore ha Bokutachi no Kiseki (Off Vocal)
  4. Datte Datte aa Mujou (Off Vocal)

 Sore ha Bokutachi no Kiseki (それは僕たちの奇跡)

This opening changes from the first season and it’s already catchy since the beginning (yay!). Obviously they try the solos based on the year, just like in some other songs for the anime. The song itself is really happy and cool and I find myself singing the song. I think the arrangement is quite normal but the energy of the girls is the needed factor to make the song even better.  I don’t know what else to say, besides that I love the song and is really cool from beginning to end and I prefer this one to the first opening. Continue reading