KOKIA – New Day, New Life

new day new life


  1. New Day, New Life
  2. Life ~Seimei no Hibiki~

New Day, New Life

A lively song from KOKIA, that is so unexpected but awesome. The sense of hope and happiness is perceived in every part of the song. I love the ad libbing of KOKIA, she does it so easily, and yet so perfect. I have always loved KOKIA’s voice, and this song portrays that, even if it’s not KOKIA’s standard, this is just as good, and she should try this type of sound more often, than epic ballads (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The overlay is well noticed but doesn’t damage the song. Great A-side.

Life ~Seimei no Hibiki~

Then the B-side comes, with some random dude singing in a strange language, and that’s where epic KOKIA comes, also singing in a language I still can’t find out. This songs reminds me to COSMOFLIPS or Battle of Destiny, because of the chorus of voices that continues during the song. The epicness lasts in the whole song, KOKIA having these changes of pace makes it so interesting, but then again, this type of songs, are one side of KOKIA that has shown since Chowa Oto and Follow the Nightingale. Another excellent song.


This for me is a perfect single, combining two sides of KOKIA in a single was the perfect choice, even if the other singles weren’t so great, this stands out in her discography. New Day New Life, is a perfect tune where I’m hypnotized by KOKIA’s voice, meanwhile life stands out for its strange language and epic sound.


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