smashing anthems

  1. Glorious Break
  2. Never Let Go
  4. Angel Blossom
  6. Lazy Syndrome (レイシーシンドローム)
  7. Koi Uta (コイウタ)
  8. Kindan no Resistance-Extended Mix- (禁断のレジスタンス)
  9. The NEW STAR
  10. Clutch!!!
  11. Netsujou no Maria (熱情のマリア)
  12. Ego Ideal (エゴアイディル)
  13. Eden (エデン)
  14. Ambivalence (アンビバレンス)
  15. Exterminate

Glorious Break
Nana is always trying to give us this epic intro since the last albums (RN & SL), and Glorious Breaks fits in perfectly for this category. Tied in to Symphogear you will expect the epic sound, but what I didn’t know (basically because I haven’t seen the anime completely) is that brings similarities of Exterminate to the song. One feature that I like is the pseudo choir that sing some lines that bring the real epic factor to the song and makes it even better. If you compare it to the older intros this one falls behind but not necesarily is bad, but needs more to get into their level. Nana brings good vocals to the song, but I didn’t notice anything spectacular besides her usual stuff, one or two tricks could’ve been awesome. The song depends a lot of the arrangement to show us the whole journey, and I think as an instrumental piece was another good option.
Never Let Go
We bring the good stuff since the beginning with Never Let Go that sounds really dark than her usual stuff and is surprising to me to hear something like this from her. The chorus is supernal (ok, I wanted to use her title xD) because doesn’t go over the board, and the constant drumbeat and Nana’s voice worked phenomenal. The chorus OMG is just so catchy, you almost follow Nana by singing along of how catchy it is. There’s a lot of things I can say about this song, but is better if you listen to it. Definitely an early favorite.
Working as the PV for the album, I wasn’t really expecting something like this in any way xD. Nevertheless now after several listens I have to say I’m fond of it, the song has a lot of cute&catchy style, and just reminds me of the 70s with that rhythm. Obviously this is meant for dancing along with it, and she manages it easily. The song has style, and she gives her own touch to the song which is needed at these times. It’s not cute like Lovely Fruit or the similar ones, so this is a fresh song which I’m really liking a lot. Continue reading


Nana Mizuki – Exterminate


  1. Exterminate
  2. Bramble (ブランブル)
  3. It’s Only Brave


I thought it would follow the lines from its predecessors, but this starts with Nana by herself until the song tries to be dark and return to a common sound, but strangely it doesn’t seems that focused on synths, and shows itself more as a mixture of styles. If you listen to the chorus, it seems as a more standard Nana style but with a lot of strings as well. I don’t intend to say that the song is bad, because it’s not, the song works very good and the chorus is really cool, but I don’t consider it as a Symphogear tune. The song has it all, string, synths, weird moments, and amazing vocals from Nana. This is a great A-side from Nana and obviously beats up Angel Blossom by a huge mark.

Bramble (ブランブル)

I wasn’t sure what will the B-sides turn out to be. Bramble doesn’t seems like a Nana song at first. The rhythm gives more vibes of another artist, but this “safe” sound brings variety and stands out easily. The constants beats and subtle strings are noticeable as the main subject for this arrangement. When Nana sings the song becomes really amazing and different from the initial impression, and gives me reminders of 90’s anime songs (not even sure about this). But I think it serves as a breaker from standard nana songs. A good B-side. Continue reading




  1. Avalon no Oukan
  2. Naked Soldier
  3. Get my drift?
  4. Lovely Fruit
  5. Darling Plastic
  7. Hoshikuzu Symphony
  10. Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form-
  11. Crescent Child
  12. Kiseki no Melodia
  14. Happy☆Go-Round!
  15. Sacred Force -Extended Mix-
  16. Yakusoku

Avalon No Oukan

A grandiose opening as the first song of the album, it enters with such orchestra that you get overwhelmed with the epicness of it, as such it remembers to a medieval or classic game. Then once finished Nana starts singing and she sounds so powerful epic. The orchestra continues in the background but now adding drums and some guitars and the song just becomes much more awesome. This is the first time Nana tries to do something like this and just screams in every way epic. The way the rhythm becomes more interesting with each verse that continues. I remember hearing it on Live Grace Opus and it was the same but more epic as the live environment gave it more feeling. Such a perfect tune to begin the album.

Naked Soldier

After such incredible tune, we get into a more rocking sound with Naked Soldier were it reminds me a lot of Bring it On as this is something that Nana doesn’t do much recently, but is welcomed. The rocking continues with the song and Nana just singing perfect as always. It’s all over your face with the way the chorus is. The solo was so powerful and even better than Bright Stream and I give props for it. It continues the same way during the song and I got to say I like it the way it was but I prefer more Avalon.

Get my Drift?

I like how the flow of the album is being until now, because get my drift sounds more fun and less in your face as it sounds a little synthy and the guitar sound is less pronounced making it more enjoyable in a way. I like how Nana still continues with the rocking sound for the album, it is very unexpected but cool. Even the english in the song wasn’t bad, and that guitar solo was well done and combined with the other guitars backing up, made for a decent solo. I think the little synthy-rock tune was well performed and gave a greater impression than Naked Soldier. Another cool tune. Continue reading

Nana Mizuki – Vitalization



  1. Vitalization
  2. Ai No Hoshi
  3. Dramatic Love


The title track just speaks awesomeness again from Nana. This style fits her so well, just like Synchrogazer. I mean this track is so powerful, all over the place, great vocals from Nana. I love every part from it, the synths, the distortion in her voice before the chorus, and that violin was so crazy, that gives it a great touch to the song. The only downside I see in the song is that is too short for me, but because I expect a 5 minute track. I also haven’t seen Symphogear G, but considering the powerness of the song, this should be the best opening of this season xD. Continue reading