Minori Chihara – Aitakatta Sora

aitakatta sora

  1. Aitakatta Sora (会いたかった空)
  2. Rin no Hana (凛の花)
  3. Aitakatta Sora -Instrumental- (会いたかった空)
  4. Rin no Hana -Instrumental- (凛の花)

Aitakatta Sora (会いたかった空)

I’ve loved previous tie-in for Kyoukai no Kanata, but this one is really different at least in terms of general rhythm, because the instruments and some arranges seem similar (although I notice it mostly at the chorus). The song brings more positivity and seems more mid-tempo which can be a good thing for her if she doesn’t tries to use her squeaky voice, as it can ruin the song. Thankfully the song seems to avoid most of it, and her tone is at least enjoyable. The arrangement after several listens seems anison at its core, and even more sounding like Kyoukai no Kanata, but using more predominant instruments at the chorus makes you forget it. Adding the PV which to me was lovely brought more positivity to it (not considering the lyrics). So for me this was a pleasant song that can fit in the ‘casual Minori songs’ list, but at the long run it will be forgettable, if she continues to get more anison titles. Continue reading


Minori Chihara – NEO FANTASIA

neo fantasia


  1. The immortal kingdom
  5. 1st STORY
  6. endless voyage
  7. Mashiroki Shiro no Monogatari
  8. Celestial Diva
  9. Lonely Doll
  10. Kono Sekai Ha Bokura Wo Matte Ita
  12. Kyoukai no Kanata
  14. Neverending dream

The immortal kingdom

As the song starts, I can’t help but notice the similarities of this song trying something similar to Avalon no Oukan of Nana Mizuki, but this being more fantasy like, and once the instrumental intro, we can hear Minorin with a little squeaky tone, but not enough to damage the song. I really like the arrangement and how the choir joined the song, making this a grandoise song. I consider this more as an intro song than an actual song, but still an incredible way to start the album!


I wasn’t expecting something like this when I saw the PV the first time. This again sounds similar to Nana (Lovely fruit but not so similar as the previous one). The squeaky vocals return, but this was understood as the type of arrangement requires the cute and lively vocals. But what really capture my attention was again the arrangement, as it reminds to those old movies with the band playing this type of sound, this was just incredible. In the quiet part is where I think Minorin was singing better, and that’s a plus. I think the middle 8 was also something unexpected for me, but it brought a different rhythm in the song and still making the song awesome. This song was incredible in the arrangement part for the most part, but even better that the vocals were aren’t as bad as in her previous album this time.


And this is the type of song I was referring to those type of vocals (e.e). As her 2nd A-side of the era, it’s obvious that this was going to enter the album. The type of feeling that the song is giving is like lucky go round or something like that, but the main problem are the vocals, and this was seen in the single, but here, is more noticeable as the previous songs had less damaging vocals. Even so, I can still listen the song again and again, as the song is real catchy for me (don’t ask me why), but if I had to choose, I’ll prefer the two previous before this one. An ok song. Continue reading

Minori Chihara – Kyoukai no Kanata

Kyoukai no Kanata


  1. Kyoukai no Kanata
  2. NO LINE

Kyoukai No Kanata

The song sounds so different from the usual Minorin we are used to hear, I mean this song is really anison (more than ZONE//ALONE) and I don’t mind that because the song sounds really hopeful and has a comfortable tone which makes me happy. The song has more of piano and drums, a little guitar and some strings (like any anisong). The thing that really capture me in the song was the chorus, there is something in it, that just screams awesome all over. I mean the song could be bland for some, but for me is something new from her and that’s good. From that point of view I think this is a must listen, and I consider this song better than Kono Sekai wa… and that’s saying a lot, because I was biased by that song a long time when it was released. A great A-side from Minorin ^_^ Continue reading