smashing anthems

  1. Glorious Break
  2. Never Let Go
  4. Angel Blossom
  6. Lazy Syndrome (レイシーシンドローム)
  7. Koi Uta (コイウタ)
  8. Kindan no Resistance-Extended Mix- (禁断のレジスタンス)
  9. The NEW STAR
  10. Clutch!!!
  11. Netsujou no Maria (熱情のマリア)
  12. Ego Ideal (エゴアイディル)
  13. Eden (エデン)
  14. Ambivalence (アンビバレンス)
  15. Exterminate

Glorious Break
Nana is always trying to give us this epic intro since the last albums (RN & SL), and Glorious Breaks fits in perfectly for this category. Tied in to Symphogear you will expect the epic sound, but what I didn’t know (basically because I haven’t seen the anime completely) is that brings similarities of Exterminate to the song. One feature that I like is the pseudo choir that sing some lines that bring the real epic factor to the song and makes it even better. If you compare it to the older intros this one falls behind but not necesarily is bad, but needs more to get into their level. Nana brings good vocals to the song, but I didn’t notice anything spectacular besides her usual stuff, one or two tricks could’ve been awesome. The song depends a lot of the arrangement to show us the whole journey, and I think as an instrumental piece was another good option.
Never Let Go
We bring the good stuff since the beginning with Never Let Go that sounds really dark than her usual stuff and is surprising to me to hear something like this from her. The chorus is supernal (ok, I wanted to use her title xD) because doesn’t go over the board, and the constant drumbeat and Nana’s voice worked phenomenal. The chorus OMG is just so catchy, you almost follow Nana by singing along of how catchy it is. There’s a lot of things I can say about this song, but is better if you listen to it. Definitely an early favorite.
Working as the PV for the album, I wasn’t really expecting something like this in any way xD. Nevertheless now after several listens I have to say I’m fond of it, the song has a lot of cute&catchy style, and just reminds me of the 70s with that rhythm. Obviously this is meant for dancing along with it, and she manages it easily. The song has style, and she gives her own touch to the song which is needed at these times. It’s not cute like Lovely Fruit or the similar ones, so this is a fresh song which I’m really liking a lot. Continue reading


Nana Mizuki – Eden


  1. Eden (エデン)
  2. No limit
  3. Shuumatsu no Love Song(終末のラブソング)
  4. Necessary

Eden (エデン)

Eden really surprised me because it’s the first song I hear from Nana with a wintry theme, and was fascinated since the intro of the song, I love how fierceful was the guitar and how Nana with a melancholic feeling denoted in her voice makes it dramatic, but not exaggerated, just the correct amount. Constantly we’re reminded of the drums, and piano which try to lead the song, but they work really good once you notice the chorus and the verses. The song really amazes me in any way possible, because I’m sometimes undecisive with new genres for Nana, but this one was really a great decision, she really nailed it, and I’m really happy for this song, the best song of the single easily.

No limit

As the third song for Dog Days I was expecting something cool once again that could’ve surpass at least FEARLESS HERO. And this one does it so easily thanks to the arrangement changes to a less anison style with more synths and a has catchy feeling all over the song even though some parts remind me of Scarlet Knight. I love everything about the song, the strings hidden behind the synths and pieces of piano to show more variety in the song, the verses are really cool and serve in a good way to introduce the chorus which is really cool and Nana always does a good job to impress with her voice and this song is no exception. This one of the best songs of the single and didn’t take the price because Eden is far ahead. Continue reading


supernal Liberty

  3. Appassionato
  4. Egao no Yukue
  5. Antique Nachtmusik
  6. Fun Fun★People
  7. FATE
  8. Vitalization -Aufwachen Form-
  9. Aishuu Twilight
  10. Setsuna Capacity
  11. Ladyspiker
  12. Rock You Baby!
  13. Million Ways=One Destination
  14. Bokura no Mirai
  15. Ai no Hoshi -two hearts-


I was surprised with how it started, it sounds so cool. I’m also amazed with the orchestra sounding so strong and epic. This is something a little more stronger than her usual songs, and I’m grateful for that. The voice I was expecting was something deeper as the sound made me think something like that. I am really liking the arrangement, is such a badass sound for Nana, as this is mostly pounding guitars with drums and the usual strings but more dramatic and awesome. There are a lot of amazing moments in the song and it’s a good way to start her new album 😀


So a more danceable style starts. I sense some Party Party vibes, but it changes because they add strings that make the style different and so sexy in its way. Nana is also making the song work because she tries to pull you and make you dance. There’s a lot of charm in it, but I’m more glad that it has a dark sound embedded, it reminds me a lot of Dancing in the velvet moon in certain parts. And the “do it..” they were telling me some friends, I understand why they are trapped by it xD. Another good song.


The PV for the album and composed & written by Nana. I already loved the song since I saw the PV and my opinion hasn’t changed. It’s such an amazing song since the beginning and shows strength everywhere. The sounds changes a lot when the chorus starts and seems chaotic but works for me. This is the type of song that shows the recent growth of Nana sound but combined with her Hybrid Universe (Faith & Zankou no Gaia) era. This seems like a combination of two songs, but for me they sound so Nana, so this is a perfect example of why she tries to do something different every time. I really like it and instant favorite obviously. Continue reading