yanaginagi – Harumodoki


  1. Harumodoki (春擬き)
  2. Rinshi Mokuhyou Hon (鱗翅目標本)
  3. Harumodoki -Instrumental-
  4. Rinshi Mokuhyou Hon -Instrumental-

Harumodoki (春擬き)

I was so glad that she continued the tie-in for Oregairu for the 2nd season. This continues the anison vibe, but I really like the drastic strings at the beginning and I’m also fascinated with how nagi managed her voice during verses but mostly at the chorus. The strings here were one my favorite part because how they were shown during the song. I think this song works even better watching the opening because it mixes so well. I think she chose a great song as a followup for her 2nd album. A definitely good song and I even like it more than Yukitoki 🙂 Continue reading


Kalafina – ring your bell

ring your bell

  1. ring your bell
  2. Koibito no Mukashigatari no yugure no (こいびとの昔語りの夕暮れの)
  3. ring your bell (in the silence)
  4. ring your bell -TV Size-

ring your bell

I really thought that this was going to be a copy of believe but thankfully this turned out to be a more cheerful song similar to the After Eden era songs, and we can hear Hikaru with her happy tone, and then switching to Wakana. It tries to be similar to previous song, but once the chorus starts everything becomes even better because it brings certain elements that we’ve seen like in misterioso and other songs but done better and I really loved how they sang “ring your bell” line because it sounded so beautiful. So in conclusion, the song is making a mixture of their sounds but in a good way that blends and gives a sense of completeness or end to a series and just amazes me because of those last lines. Really good song. Continue reading

Kalafina – believe


  1. believe
  2. in every nothing
  3. lapis
  4. believe -TV Size-


If I expected something strong from Kalafina was because of the tie-in. I always loved their tie-ins for Type Moon works. But this was the first one I consider normal, even for Kajiura standards this sounded like a copy of her previous song, and what brought variety was the verses which I think were the best part of the song. Just imagine heavenly blue with a little tweaks and you get believe. Still I am able to listen it several times, so something makes it work. Continue reading

Nana Mizuki – Angel Blossom

Angel Blossom

  1. Angel Blossom
  2. Lazy Syndrome(レイジーシンドローム)
  3. Ashita Graffiti (あしたgraffiti)

Angel Blossom

The new A-side was really dissapointing for me coming from a great era where I just saw awesomeness. Then Angel Blossom is here with cute anison sound but then again, this is like the definition of generic anison. And sounds like a combination of Lovely Fruit to have the cute in the song and your typical anison genre to make it stand out. But the song is just normal, it doesn’t offers me something new from Nana or amazing from Nana. This was a letdown.

Continue reading

Goose House – Bitter


  1. Sing 2015
  2. Domino Effect (ドミノエフェクト)
  3. Harunohi (ハルノヒ-合唱-)
  4. Humming Bird
  5. Tokyo City (トーキョー・シティ)
  6. Sedan Girl (セダン・ガール)
  7. Sion(シオン)
  8. Mirai no Ashiato (未来の足跡)

Sing 2015

As this is a new version from one of their most famous song, I was really excited to what changes they made. Thankfully, playing it live on those streaming videos helped them get the best version. I like how it started as in the FreeBit CM with acapella solos. And the constant finger snapping as in their videos, so if you have heard the latest live version of the song, it will be almost the same. I like the notable changes and lowering the speed in Shuuhei’s solo making it more enjoyable. That was the most unexpected part since the first time I heard the song, but damn it was clever and so cool. This song has everything, cool solos, cool harmonies, emotion. Goose House had this amazing song since way before, but doing a more recent and magnificent style, shows their commitment to make it awesome. What an awesome way to start the album.

Domino Effect (ドミノエフェクト)

Now it’s solely new songs since here(Harunohi was digital single, but doesn’t count). Domino Effect caught me off guard. I heard it first at the ustream live, but didn’t expect to be this cutesy~happy. But once I heard the song in the album, I was wrong, the song had to be this way, it’s full of joy, funny moments, cool arrangement, usual harmonies. Everything about it doesn’t shout Goose House which I think was an unexpected decision, but when you see the final result, you just nod and start to listen again the song..over and over again. Great song to show new sounds from the band. Continue reading

Goose House – Milk


  1. Hikaru Nara (光るなら)
  2. Oto No Naru Hou He (オトノナルホウヘ)
  3. Koisuru Merry-Go-Round (恋する Merry-Go-Round)
  4. Cobalt no Machi (コバルトの街)
  5. Perfume
  6. Pop Up!
  7. L.I.P’s
  8. Waratta Mama De (笑ったままで)

Hikaru Nara (光るなら)

Ah…those marvelous feelings are remembered everytime I hear this song. It was easily the best A-side of last year and I’m so happy they decided to start with this song. My opinion just got better from the song. The solos from each member, the melody, the power, the harmonies, the everything. This song was just a way how Goose House grew in these last years now without their leader. Maybe his departure was the reason they evolved in their sound. So yeah, I have a lot of praise for this song, because it was the thing I needed last year in terms of music. One of the best songs of the album.

Oto no Naru Hou He (オトノナルホウヘ)

One of the best singles last year returns in the album, to have us then listening new songs. As for the song I haven’t changed much in opinion, since the song is really upbeat, playful and funny since you notice the middle verses which are really cool and entertaining. I feel this song has a lot of different elements mixed and compressed in a short song, but really impressive. The song was the perfect opportunity for new audience to know them. If you want to know what is Goose House, you need to listen to this song. Continue reading

Nana Mizuki – Eden


  1. Eden (エデン)
  2. No limit
  3. Shuumatsu no Love Song(終末のラブソング)
  4. Necessary

Eden (エデン)

Eden really surprised me because it’s the first song I hear from Nana with a wintry theme, and was fascinated since the intro of the song, I love how fierceful was the guitar and how Nana with a melancholic feeling denoted in her voice makes it dramatic, but not exaggerated, just the correct amount. Constantly we’re reminded of the drums, and piano which try to lead the song, but they work really good once you notice the chorus and the verses. The song really amazes me in any way possible, because I’m sometimes undecisive with new genres for Nana, but this one was really a great decision, she really nailed it, and I’m really happy for this song, the best song of the single easily.

No limit

As the third song for Dog Days I was expecting something cool once again that could’ve surpass at least FEARLESS HERO. And this one does it so easily thanks to the arrangement changes to a less anison style with more synths and a has catchy feeling all over the song even though some parts remind me of Scarlet Knight. I love everything about the song, the strings hidden behind the synths and pieces of piano to show more variety in the song, the verses are really cool and serve in a good way to introduce the chorus which is really cool and Nana always does a good job to impress with her voice and this song is no exception. This one of the best songs of the single and didn’t take the price because Eden is far ahead. Continue reading