Printemps – Pure girls project

pure girls project


  1. Pure girls project
  3. Pure girls project -Off Vocal-
  4. UNBALANCED LOVE -Off Vocal-

Pure girls project

The first song from Printemps new single and I’m already loving it with those string like style at the beginning, thankfully the sound doesn’t continues or it will sound really weird. The solos were so catchy even from Kotori, but the main star was Hanayo. The chorus then comes in and is so catchy thanks again to the vocals, the sound reminds me to those cute string tunes, once the chorus was finishing, and I think the variety and not so much strings in it was a great decision. The song using synths, some drums and cute sounds make the song so original from them, but keeping the Printemps sound, the only problem there were many solos as I expected. Once hearing the song completely, the song sounds so anison in some parts, weird. The last part was just so incredible and making me wanting more. This is an incredible A-side and successor for previous single, and gives me hope for the single. Continue reading