BiBi – Cutie Panther

cutie panther


  1. Cutie Panther
  2. Natsu, Owaranaide
  3. Cutie Panther -Off Vocal-
  4. Natsu, Owaranaide -Off Vocal-

Cutie Panther

The song is so BiBi, I mean that was the sound I expected from them. The song really catches me since the beginning, the more synthy song, and adding the vocals mostly from Maki and Nico, and sometimes Eli. I think the verses were so freaking cool, and then the chorus comes in, and is so catchy with some change in the synths but the vocals were so good, and didn’t notice problems (Maki wasn’t one 🙂 ). The song continues the same sound but now changing the voices (Maki instead of Nico, something like that), and I think the song just did it correctly. The the solo starts, and oh god is so cool, I don’t know why it remembers me to Perfume with those synths, and may be one of the best parts of the song. I think this song exceeds their previous songs. Good song 😀 Continue reading