Nana Mizuki – Angel Blossom

Angel Blossom

  1. Angel Blossom
  2. Lazy Syndrome(レイジーシンドローム)
  3. Ashita Graffiti (あしたgraffiti)

Angel Blossom

The new A-side was really dissapointing for me coming from a great era where I just saw awesomeness. Then Angel Blossom is here with cute anison sound but then again, this is like the definition of generic anison. And sounds like a combination of Lovely Fruit to have the cute in the song and your typical anison genre to make it stand out. But the song is just normal, it doesn’t offers me something new from Nana or amazing from Nana. This was a letdown.

Lazy Syndrome(レイジーシンドローム)

Thankfully my hopes started to come back with Lazy Syndrome with its catchy riff sound and cool verses.I really love the vocals here because they sound really cool and not super cute as previous song. Some of Nana songs that involve Rockish style sometimes become cute in its way but this one reminds me of Ladyspiker and couldn’t be happier, because it shows a more adult Nana if we can say it that way xD. The chorus is the best part in the song but doesn’t mean everything besides it doesn’t meet standards, is just that I lean more towards the chorus because of how catchy it really is. Although the guitar solo was really outstanding in a Nana song, and even now I think I haven’t heard a song like this from her. I’m really surprised with this and at the moment best song of the single.

Ashita Graffiti (あしたgraffiti)

And this is what I refer with cute style with some rock style mixed in. But this one mixes in some clever sounds here and there to make it more enjoyable. The song is like a mix of rock you baby, dramatic love and more of those cute songs and I’m not against but considering the serious style we had from previous song, I was hoping for out-of-the-box style song. The verses seem more cool than the chorus which is quite sugary but no so much to be overwhelming. Some synths are the focus of the song, but can’t help to think there is something else in the song that makes it worthwhile. Still these 2 B-sides beat easily Angel Blossom, so no complaints there.

Is it worth listening? Go for the B-sides

I was not happy with how Angel Blossom turned out to be mostly by having a song we have already heard in terms of style and sound. So coming up after the amazing Eden you can notice my dissapointment in the A-side but thankfully the B-sides compensate the lack of an amazing A-side. Lazy Syndrome took the spot of the single and becomes an incredible song that I’m still listening. And Ashita graffiti is at least something you can listen from time to time. I know at least her new single will be awesome thanks to the tie-in with Symphogear.


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