Goose House – Milk


  1. Hikaru Nara (光るなら)
  2. Oto No Naru Hou He (オトノナルホウヘ)
  3. Koisuru Merry-Go-Round (恋する Merry-Go-Round)
  4. Cobalt no Machi (コバルトの街)
  5. Perfume
  6. Pop Up!
  7. L.I.P’s
  8. Waratta Mama De (笑ったままで)

Hikaru Nara (光るなら)

Ah…those marvelous feelings are remembered everytime I hear this song. It was easily the best A-side of last year and I’m so happy they decided to start with this song. My opinion just got better from the song. The solos from each member, the melody, the power, the harmonies, the everything. This song was just a way how Goose House grew in these last years now without their leader. Maybe his departure was the reason they evolved in their sound. So yeah, I have a lot of praise for this song, because it was the thing I needed last year in terms of music. One of the best songs of the album.

Oto no Naru Hou He (オトノナルホウヘ)

One of the best singles last year returns in the album, to have us then listening new songs. As for the song I haven’t changed much in opinion, since the song is really upbeat, playful and funny since you notice the middle verses which are really cool and entertaining. I feel this song has a lot of different elements mixed and compressed in a short song, but really impressive. The song was the perfect opportunity for new audience to know them. If you want to know what is Goose House, you need to listen to this song.

Koisuru Merry-Go-Round (恋するMerry-Go-Round)

The song is brand new, but sounded so 90’s with that cool intro. We can hear Migiwa and Kei at the first with a different tone for both of them which surprised me, but in a good way. The duet between both of them was really cool and keeps me entertained. The chorus becomes a more playful thing with bells(or xylophone not sure) and the guitar, I can say easily Kei was the best part here as Migiwa sounded a little weird. The guitar was one of my favorite elements of the song, because you perceive different rhythms in different sections and sound so fresh. I really liked the song because sounds so different from what I heard before, except that English dialogue of Kei, weird but expected.

Cobalt no Machi (コバルトの街)

This returns to a sound I expected from them again, and with piano and strings, you can sense this will be a ballad. But Goose House can kick ass even in ballads. Kei strikes again with her powerful vocals but we need to mix it a little, so that’s when Sayaka enters to give it more power. The guitar, drums and strings will be your main set of instruments, but I like the chorus because it is powerful but simple, and the last lines of it is just pure magic to my ears. Manami is the next to enter the song, and I really like how her voice is so graspy and more noticeable to sense it more realistic. Migiwa was also there, but obscured by most of the girls. I am sensing this will be a more girls-oriented album.. hope not. At the moment this is the most semi-generic song in the album, but doesn’t mean I don’t love it, because the song is really powerful and replaces Fuyu no Epilogue in ballad song for the era. Is there a bad Goose House song?


I think the song was really weird because sounded upbeat by the title, but became a more rappy, combined with some R&B style. Guitar and some claps at first to then have the rap was really really unexpected. This isn’t the route I thought for the song, and I’m not that fond of the song. If you want variety, here you have it. The song mixes more instruments into the package to at least sound better, and not make me hate it.

Pop Up!

The song sounds more entertaining and funny since the beginning. This continues the sound of Koisuru…but more childish or different type of upbeat. Even so, the song shows its color and sounds really different. Even the next verse tries some reggae which sounds weird, but when you hear the song, you’ll notice the song has to be like that, and mostly people having fun but with a good arrangement as well. A lot of different instruments are used for the song and I was surprised for the final idea result. This is the most funny and blissful song in the album.


Will not guess the genre based on the titles, they just want to mess with my mind. Anyways the song starts with Manami and guitar as usual, but in a mid-tempo style mixed later on with Migiwa and Johnny and a constant riff at the back which sounds lovely. This is the route that Perfume should’ve followed because this is a good song. The arrangement is also simple but at the same time it isn’t because they try to mix more unexpected instruments, as the banjo which sounded in some of the verses. The harmonies were also cool, but as I was mentioning this songs are more girl-oriented(more Shuuhei could’ve been good). Still this was a pleasant and good song.

Waratta Mama De (笑ったままで)

Finally a boys song hahahaha. The Shuuheis start the song, sounds more like a ballad style song that can increase in sound, but starting is just simple guitar and gentle voice. The voices were missed mostly in the album, but the song compensates it, because this sounds like Cobalt no Machi but boys version. The song brings more emotion with the guitar and reminded me of John Mayer. I think this could’ve been easily a song done for John Mayer, but was needing a little of more guitar feeling and will be the same. Frankly this was also a good song but I think this placed wrong, because Cobalt no Machi sounded more as the final song of the album.

Favorite Songs:

Hikaru Nara

Cobalt no Machi

Koisuru Merry-Go-Round

Oto no Naru Hou He

Is it worth listening? Yes!!!!

I was so glad when I received the 2 albums. I was expecting a lot from them, because both singles were my favorite singles from last year, so they had to prove it. And globally they did it, most of the songs (except 1) were pure magic and variety found in a lot of them. I am happily able to listen to the songs over and over again. The main issue for me: there was no “Koi wa Hira Hirari” in the album, frankly that was my favorite song from last year and deserved to be in the album. But still with the style of songs, this album is now competing for album of the year. Bitter is the next which shows a different side of them.


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