Nana Mizuki – Eden


  1. Eden (エデン)
  2. No limit
  3. Shuumatsu no Love Song(終末のラブソング)
  4. Necessary

Eden (エデン)

Eden really surprised me because it’s the first song I hear from Nana with a wintry theme, and was fascinated since the intro of the song, I love how fierceful was the guitar and how Nana with a melancholic feeling denoted in her voice makes it dramatic, but not exaggerated, just the correct amount. Constantly we’re reminded of the drums, and piano which try to lead the song, but they work really good once you notice the chorus and the verses. The song really amazes me in any way possible, because I’m sometimes undecisive with new genres for Nana, but this one was really a great decision, she really nailed it, and I’m really happy for this song, the best song of the single easily.

No limit

As the third song for Dog Days I was expecting something cool once again that could’ve surpass at least FEARLESS HERO. And this one does it so easily thanks to the arrangement changes to a less anison style with more synths and a has catchy feeling all over the song even though some parts remind me of Scarlet Knight. I love everything about the song, the strings hidden behind the synths and pieces of piano to show more variety in the song, the verses are really cool and serve in a good way to introduce the chorus which is really cool and Nana always does a good job to impress with her voice and this song is no exception. This one of the best songs of the single and didn’t take the price because Eden is far ahead.

Shuumatsu no Love Song(終末のラブソング)

The song that works as new ending for Cross Ange, sounds anison easily enough, not sure why that route, but I can take it. I think the arrangement just serves as a base because Nana is what really does the job for the song with her expressive vocals and variations done for the song. Using different techniques for the last part of verses was a nice addition, but the song continues with the same rhythm which can be a letdown if you wanted something new. I got flashbacks from Vitalization and Synchrogazer at exact parts, but I didn’t think it was intented.. or was it? Still the song is passable and also enjoyable but not amazing as previous two.


Another ballad, because we now need a ballad for each single. Necessary is really quiet comparing it to other ballads with the verses and Nana doesn’t try going over the top, and really stands out thanks to that. I really like how basic the arrangement can seem to be, but at the instrumental sections you notice more to it. Nana really won me, thanks to certain notes she did almost finishing the chorus. The chorus was the factor that makes it differ from her other ballads, because it becomes more of a mid tempo sound, but not cheesy style. The song really works with all its elements and doesn’t feel like “one more of the same style…” songs. She really surprised me with this song.

Is it worth listening? Yes!!

I was really surprised with a 4-song single, considering we just got a single in October and that was a lot. But hey Nana doesn’t give up and brings us always good songs that turn great repertoire songs for concerts and memorable songs. With Eden she managed it again as the A-side was really outstanding and presented us a new genre or side from Nana with a wintry feel that even though feels clichéd, she made it work with that setting and I really LOVE this song. No limit was the new addition for “Dog Days” songs but this one just feels like mixing the previous two with some touches like the synths that make the song even better and really deserves to be listened. Necessary was a great ballad although not reaching “Ai no Hoshi” level but can be recognized between all her ballads. Anad Shuumatsu was just enjoyable but not memorable.


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