Kalafina – believe


  1. believe
  2. in every nothing
  3. lapis
  4. believe – TV Size-


My initial reaction was that it contained a great intro and usual verses from the girls, keeping “to the beginning” vibes and heavenly blue, which may bore some, because it means that it keeps the same sound, and surely is. It was a letdown knowing the full song will be in this way, but good things that I can say is that Keiko was noticeable in some lines, and the intro was cool as well. But in general this was a typical Kalafina song which is similar arrangement, similar structure, nothing outstanding for me. I hope that their A-sides really start to change because two in a row is not good. Still this is better than many songs released in the year, so I assume it’s a good thing (?)

in every nothing

They have surprised with their B-sides (Red moon era) and I think this could be their way to redeem after believe. And frankly they did a great job, because it sounds like returning to their roots and the arrangement was so cool with the strings being overly dramatic. We have Hikaru being predominant for the song and giving this kickass performance which really sticks to me. And mixing some electric guitar was a cool idea, having a dark tune and throwing some guitar was unexpected but for Kalafina I think is kinda normal. Until now the best song of the single.


I heard before releasing that one of the songs was for Keiko and based on the last two this one had to be. Lapis is a ballad which starts as a lullaby with KEIKO singing peacefully and basic piano, but when Hikaru and Wakana start adding their segments the song just seems like FictionJunction’s (). The nice addition was the electric guitar into the song as changes completely the idea of Kalafina in ballads. Keiko was the best feature because she wasn’t pushing her limits, and instead she just sang calmly and beautiful. I’m really fond of the vocals here.

Is it worth listening? Yes, as always

The single was really necessary after getting only 1 song with heavenly blue. The single was packed with 3 different songs. The A-side was I think my least favorite, because the song sounds just like typical Kalafina but with cool verses. Lapis was really unexpected because it sounded so calm with Keiko as lead (and the addition of the electric guitar) and turned out to be one of their best ballads. But the winner was in every nothing as the song used some techniques that made the song dark and impressive and I love every part of it.


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