Konomi Suzuki – Ginsen no Kaze

ginsen no kaze

  1. Ginsen no Kaze (銀閃の風)
  2. Ryuu Hoshi Chinkonka (竜星鎮魂歌)
  3. Oracion (オラシオン)
  4. Ginsen no Kaze (銀閃の風) [Instrumental]
  5. Ryuu Hoshi Chinkonka (竜星鎮魂歌) [Instrumental]

Ginsen no Kaze (銀閃の風)

It was just a matter of time before Konomi could have one of these types of songs. It sounds so epic-war style (I think it fits for Vanadis) with the arrangement and the chanting working correctly into the song. The song could have been better if the string section that was after each chorus was erased as it changed the perspective of the song and didn’t like it that much. But the chorus itself is the best part and makes the song worthwhile. A great A-side for Konomi

Ryuu Hoshi Chinkonka (竜星鎮魂歌)

It is strange that in two songs from same single I get a KOKIA vibe in arrangement terms. But this song is different after some seconds, as it changes into a folk song. The song features some flute and strings which make the song pleasant and calm. Konomi helps by giving a good performance and not over the top like her usual songs where she is demanded more. I really like the change of pace for the single and she should try this genre more as it could lead to more awesome songs.

Oracion (オラシオン)

A cover for the ending of No Game No Life which we get instead of Ai Kayano we have Konomi and I was more excited for this song than the one in the other single edition. The arrangement seems a little on the fanfare side with a lot of strings to make it more interesting. It reminds me of NEO FANTASIA from Minorin but in a good way, and Konomi seems okay but I like it more how she sings on the chorus. It is a good cover obviously surpassing Ai’s vocals and I really like it, but I think there is something missing to make it stand out more, but whatever~

Is it worth listening? Yes

I was surprised that Konomi was aiming for a song of this type and I was really happy she did because the A-side was really good except a certain section I’m not really fond of. And with 2 B-sides which again one of them is a cover, but still worthwhile, I think this single is better than “this game” mostly because I enjoyed both B-sides and was really cool. Let’s hope the single for Absolute Duo doesn’t ruin the era that is coming to an end with her new album announced 🙂


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