Konomi Suzuki – This game

this game


  1. This game
  2. Delighting
  3. Cyber Thunder Cider ( サイバーサンダーサイダー)
  4. This game (Instrumental)
  5. Delighting (Instrumental)

This game

My first post for Konomi ^o^. And so, I wanted to start with her recent single “this game”. This song carries the anison roots in it mixed with some drums and constant guitars noticed mostly at the first part of the verses, but also has some piano which makes the song more entertaining and refreshing. I like how she sings the fast part before the chorus, at first I wasn’t sure but then I listen to it more and more, until I like it. But the chorus for me is the blast with the  strings combined with the piano to deliver an incredible and catchy song part of the song. Also another thing I notice was her voice. I’m not sure but I notice her voice little different from her previous songs, not that is bad, but it got my attention. Still this is an awesome song.


I was liking the whole feeling of the arrangement with its electronic beat catchiness but then Konomi starts singing which sounded a lot like another “this game” why??? I don’t want another version of the song with different lyrics and the arrangement, but keeping the same essence of the other song. I wanted a brand new song, not trying a different version of the A-side, so maybe others will like it, but I wanted something different.

Cyber Thunder Cider ( サイバーサンダーサイダー)

Apparently there were different songs depending on the version you chose (Regular or Limited) for the Regular Edition we get Cyber Thunder Cider which is the only one I got because I didn’t know of the songs until now. But I’m not upset because this song is sooo good. The rhythm sounds so cool with the filtering robotic vocals at first, reminding to D-Formation from Minori Chihara but better. I was worried with how fast she was singing and maybe giving some bad notes, but the overrall result was good and really surprised me. The song has more of  deeper vocals at the verses and increasing the tone for the chorus(I give props for that). This could be what Delighting tried to be but this one beat it easily with its electronic synthy sound and catchiness with the fast lyrics. Strange enough that this one is a cover and was the best of the single xD

Is it worth listening? Yes, one of her best.

I was surprised with the single mostly after her album “17” and the change in her sound for this one. I really liked how this game turn out and made an awesome anison track with Konomi Suzuki really cool, and I had a lot fun hearing the song, and hope she can do more incredible songs like that one. Delighting was a letdown for me, because is trying to be “this game” but with a different sound but trying the same rhythm of vocals like the mentioned song, so it’s a nono. Meanwhile Cyber Thunder Cider was the real surprise of the single and I enjoy it a lot, fast lyrics and catchiness all in one song. I’m looking forward to her next single


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