sphere – Kasuka Na Hisoka Na Tashika Na Mirai



  1. Kasuka Na Hisoka Na Tashika Na Mirai
  2. synchronicity
  3. Kasuka Na Hisoka Na Tashika Na Mirai (Instrumental)
  4. synchronicity (Instrumental)

Kasuka Na Hisoka Na Tashika Na Mirai

I was listening this mostly after I started watching the anime and at least works as the ending for it. Now refering to what I think of this song, well at least is something different from Eternal Tours and goes for a more rocking sound which works for me, because they go to a deeper tone (or trying to sound like that) and was what initially draw me in, but then the song had more to offer with the chorus and catchy verses, in reference to the arrangement there isn’t much originality as this one also sounds similar to other song they had (Non-stop road here we are again). But the way they manage here the verses made it different and more serious which gave it more points. So at the end I did enjoy this song and will listen it again (also when watching the anime), but had a little flaw which was Aki’s voice, which didn’t worked at mostly all the song, but was compensated by the 3 other girls.


Weird the style for this B-side. It sounds so refresh at least and tries some new things, but I’m not fan of the style for them. I think it’s really weird and it’s not working at this time for me, it has potential to become something to listen more times, but now I’m not that excited with the song and would prefer the A-side xD.

Is it worth listenning? Yes

The single was better at least than Eternal Tours, and had some good ideas that at least for me were better than trying to keep the same sound for both songs. The A-side was similar to other songs but had some changes that made it worthwhile and I really like it. But for the B-side it got me confused and still think it’s good they try something different , but I’m still debating on what to think of it, but try to give it a listen, maybe you’ll like it.


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